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Registered: ‎05-18-2013
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Ultimate team coin boost


today I was playing fifa 14 ultimate team and I went into the catalog to redeem my coin boost to help with my ultimate team. When I went looking for them they were not there. It is not because I have purchased them because I have only gotten one of the level 5 ones. I am level 41 and all the ones that I have unlocked and the ones that I still need to unlock are all gone. It is like they were never there to be perched and there is not pictures of them as well.
I would really appreciate if you could help me work out what has happened to my coin boost.

Thank you 

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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

They are temporarily deactivated in the EAS FC Catalogue while we investigate an issue that affects the FUT economy. Keep an eye on this thread for any updates:

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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

It's been 3 days. Please advise what is going on with coin boosts... There has been no update to the thread you mentioned...
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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

I would also like to get an update on this as I'm not really the type to boost otherwise only with the catalogue and selling players. I already bought my fair amount of FIFA points, so now I'd like to use what I have unlocked.

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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

It's been a month and the coin boosts are still unavailable for PC. Any news?

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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

Still down for consoles as well, something tells me EA would rather we forgot they ever existed and buy packs. Thanks for the lies EA glad we all keep supporting you.
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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

ea **bleep**ing give us the coin boosts i cant by fifa points as i am under 18 

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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

EA implemented an idea that was poorly thought through, allowing users to rort the system. Rather than simply removing the ability to gift coin boosts to friends they removed coin boosts completely.


Why not stay true to the original ideology the brought about the fifa catalogue? Reward someone for continued loyalty to the game, rather than allowing people to get a leg up off their friends.


I'm sure that your statistics will show that the idea of gifting items to friends has failed miserably.


EA's solution to this topic was to link us to a one line page saying that they have been disabled temporarily.


2 months after they were removed and still only the vague lines of 'it affects the fut economy'. 


EA can you provide a timeline as to when they will be back? Or at the least, what you're doing to reinstate coin boosts?

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Re: Ultimate team coin boost

its a joke they're never going to come back this year i bet. Hopefully they come back nest year with no gift option.

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Re: Ultimate team coin boost


The coins boost seems to be back! So... who wanna make new friends, lol? My nick is matheusfalci