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[SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14 #1

by the1andonlywolf

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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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your welcome m8. happy gaming.
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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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Amazing guy, helped me through teamviewer and solved my problem in a short amount of time even tho ive been talking to game advisors for hours without any results. EA needs to hire you :P. Thank you again so much!! peace!

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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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the1andonlywolf wrote:

Hi all,


If your trying to run Fifa14 and you will get the message APP Crash then first thing to do is go to event log.


Go Start and type event  in the searchbar, then on top click on Event viewer.


The go to windows log/application.

Scroll down to you see a red icon marked error,  and says fifa 14 double click on this error. and go to the Details tab.


Now look at what causes the crash on the line: Faulting module path: or Faulting module


That will let you see what causes your error.


So you now know what causes the error. The its time to repair it.



Alwaysbe sure you have the latest drivers for you system!!


If you error is: Browse~1.dll


Then try the following:


a)  Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, click Run 
b) Type regedit, Click OK
c) When Registry Editor is open, go on toolbar, click Edit->Find, then paste

browse~1 and click Find (Be patient, your computer need time to found it)

d)  If you found it on AppInit_DLLs, Right click on AppInit_DLLs then Modify... , then select all and  Delete this Virus Value and type NULL, Click OK.
Edit:  I forgot to mention it but community member eduslb  found it out, also uninstall or stop the process from BrowserProtect or Browser defender.
Thnx to eduslb.
When you find this in your event viewer: bitguard.dll
Or you see this in your Taskmanager / Processes.
Go to control panel/Programs and software and uninstall Bitguard.
Reboot and try FiFA14.
If your game wont start up and you will get no message at all!
Besure origin.exe and Fifa14.exe is allowed in your firewall and antivirus.
1st go to my documents or documents:
Go to fifa 14 folder and open fifasetup.ini file
And change ASPECTRATIO  to 1.
Save the file and try restart the game!

If this is not working try the following.

Press start

Type in search


press enter

Select the Start-up Tab!

Press Disable all and press Apply.

Then select the Services Tab!

Mark on the lower left the box, Hide all windows services.

Then press disable all!!

!!!!!!! If you using a USB wireless receiver or a third party connection program for internet connection, please look carefully if you see this between services or at the start-up..Don't disable it.. because you wont be able to connect to internet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then press Apply and OK.

A window will come up to ask you to restart. Hit the box "Don't show this message again"
Then press restart!!
If there is any problem on your start up or something aint working like it suppose to, you can always go back and enable what you need!!
When after trying these fixes you getting the error E0001:

Start Fifa 14 and go to settings, adjust your screen resolution to your own good and start playing.
Hope this will help you guys and girls back in the game!

When you have ingame trouble with keyboard Control
Go to Documents on My Documents and search folder FIFA14 Demo.
Look for Fifa 14 setup file. Open this with wordpad or somelike program.
Change CONTROLLER_DEFAULT = 0 to 1 and save the file and restart Fifa14
New Tested Fixes!
You only see Ea sports logo or nothing when game lauches!
1st try in the fifa14 Game settings: Mark disable Windows Aero Theme. And try game!
If this doesnt help, try following.
Go to control panel/system/advance settings settings.
Then go to preformance settings annd select best preformance! 
Press ok and try the game!
PS. You could also go to services and disable the Display windows manager. reboot and run game!
You might need to reboot if this still doesnt help! or when you get the E0001 message after this fix!
Edit: Also try running Origin as administrator and go to Fifa14.exe and right click for Compatibility tab.
Mark the box Disable desktop compisition!
Press ok ,
And run the Game!!

We are all Community members trying to help other community members, So please keep
your patience. Describe your problem in great detail and always post your specs!

I my self also do 1on1 teamviewer sessions, so send me a PM if you want a fast way to fix your problem. (Only Technical Problems)

Please accept solutions if they are correct and press the XP button if somebody helped you. This way you help others in the same situation.

Greetz WOLF



fifa 14 is still not launching why is that? aand i did everything the website said for that problem. but still not launching..... but when i open the task manager and go to processes i can see it says "fifa14.exe32" but i cant see "fifa14.exe32" in applications column Frown   Frown   Frown   Frown   Frown   Frown   Frown   Frown    Frown   Frown   Frown Frown Frown

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Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing

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My FIFA 14 starts up fine, the navigation central and all the in-game menus load fine. But when I kick off or even go to skill games, it crashes out. I dont get any error messages though, and the event log viewer doesnt say anything about FIFA 14.


Im using windows 7 ultimate edition. Earlier I tried using the game on windows xp ( this was before I realised it did not match the min. req) and I got an error message saying nvl_disp.dll wasn't working. I ve updated all drivers and now I meet all the min. requirements.. Kindly help. 


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Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing

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When I start the game this message appears: Fifa 14 has stopped working!


At first I did what was said in some of comments but none of them woreked.


Now I think the problem is about Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installation. I had Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on my system and when I clicked on the .NET Framework 3.5 package, it started working and completed unpacking then ceasing any further progress. I checked by looking into installed programs in control panel and realized that .NET Framework 3.5 wasn't installed. Then I deleted my .NET Framework 4 with all its components (which was irrelevant) and restarted my computer and retried installing .NET Framework 3.5, but the end result was the same as before.


I'm still looking for a way to overcome the problem. My OS is Windows 7 Professional x64. Does anybody have any idea about how to install it?


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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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Hey. I'll copy a comment I left in some other topic, hoping to find solutions .

Hey there. I bought and downloaded the game from origin, and I can't even launch the game. It crashes just after the EA SPORTS logo and right before when it is supposed to start. I'll paste the errors names so maybe you guys can give me a hand.

Nombre del evento de problema: APPCRASH
Nombre de la aplicación: fifa14.exe
Versión de la aplicación:
Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 03f41040
Nombre del módulo con errores: fifa14.exe
Versión del módulo con errores:
Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 03f41040
Código de excepción: c0000005
Desplazamiento de excepción: 0019c680
Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7600.
Id. de configuración regional: 3082
Información adicional 1: 760a
Información adicional 2: 760a6d65c1b3dbb51673139837b9ce0f
Información adicional 3: cd68
Información adicional 4: cd68428249f7a66f594049cd956d66fa

It's too lame that a lot of people like me spent our money in a product like this. I am anxious to play a good soccer game like fifa but these kind of things drive me crazy. Too bad EA.

Thanks a lot for the support. Windows 7 64 bits if that helps.

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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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My error isnt in the list


Faulting application name: ActivationUI.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x51f2aa88
Faulting module name: ActivationUI.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x51f2aa88
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0002a0fe
Faulting process id: 0x1424
Faulting application start time: 0x01cebe3234d35a9c
Faulting application path: E:\PROGRA~1\FIFA14~1\Game\Core\ActivationUI.exe
Faulting module path: E:\PROGRA~1\FIFA14~1\Game\Core\ActivationUI.exe
Report Id: 728f379f-2a25-11e3-a3b8-bc5ff410774a


any idea's?

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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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Can you please tell me how to fix this error when i want to play a match, in the first minutes this appears : you are not longer synced with online match.
I have this error for 5 days, i don t know what to do , please respond, im the only one wich got this error ?

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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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Working on a new solution list as i type this, With lots of new and tested fixes. Will be updated today!!


In the meantime, go play BF4 Wink

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Re: [SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14

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Well i have a different problem. my fifa 14 auto-quits while im trying to play a match. just right after clicking the 'play match' . do you have any solutions?

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