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Accepted Solution

[SOLUTION] Crashes / Not launching and the E0001 error! Fifa 14 #1

[ Edited ]

(Solutions part 1)


Updated  02-03-14.


New update contains:


(NEW) E0001 FIX



(NEW ) CLR20r3   FIX

-          Lag problems                                                             (** Go to Solution 3 **)

-          Installation problems                                                (** Go to Solution 4 **)

-          Connection Problems ingame                                (** Go to solution 5 **)

-          NTDLL.DLL Fix                                                           (** Go to solution  6**)

-          New E0001 FIX                                                           (** Go to Solution 7**)

-          New NO ERROR Fix                                                  (** Go to Soluton  8**)

-          New System.Drawing Fix                                          (** Go to Solution 9**)

These solution can be found here:


Hello Fellow Gamers.

This a is solution list with possible fixes for your problems.

All these fixes have been tested. And gave very good results.

Remember that all systems are not equal. Therefore it might be that these fixes dont work for you. ( iF NOT ADD ME IN ORIGIN AND I WILL HELP YOU)

Below i will descripe the errors and how to fix them step by step.


  • Besure to Update your Display drivers to the latest stable version, Beta version are not  recommended.
  • Besure you (Framework version) is up to date. Download the latest version here:
  • Besure you have the latest and updated Windows Media Player.
  • Run Origin as Admin (Right Click on origin.exe or shortcut, Go to properties and then Compatibility tab and check the box Run this as administrator)

Errors And Solutions!!


To see whats wrong with you game, You need to go in event viewer and see what is causing your error.
follow the steps below how to read the error causing your game to crash.

- Go start
- Type event viewer
- look at windows logs
- applications
- look for errors Fifa 14 / Origin
- Select Details and then XML view.

Then look for the line: Faulting module name

Behind that line is the error code.

I am not gonna write the meaning of all the error codes in here (way to much work).

In this solution list i will give the most Faulting modules error codes and the solutions.


The Game FIFA14:

First we gonna see what the game is doing when we press play and where you need to look for a solution:


-          Lanch FIFA 14 and press play, and nothing happens.              ( **Go to Solution 1**)

-          Game starts, but freezes or crash in messi screen.                 (** Go to Solution 2**)

-          Game starts, but crash when start match or UT.                        (** Go to Solution 2**)

** SOLUTION 1 **
ERROR TYPE: BROWSE~1.DLL OR                                                    ( Go to section A1)
ERROR TYPE: BITGUARD.EXE OR BITGUARD.DLL                        ( Go to section A2)
ERROR TYPE: ACTIVATIONUI.EXE                                                       ( Go to section A3)

a) Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, click Run
b) Type regedit, Click OK
c) When Registry Editor is open, go on toolbar, click Edit->Find, then paste browse~1  and click Find (Be patient, your computer need time to found it)
d) If you found it on AppInit_DLLs, Right click on AppInit_DLLs then Modify... , then select all and Delete this Virus Value and type NULL, Click OK.
e) Reboot your computer and run the game.


Easiest way to get rit of this error is following the steps on this website:

You could also do it manyaly in regedit, but this is a risky buisness.

To moderators( Please Dont hide this link).


If the Above Solutions does not work for you please try to do a cleanboot!

This wil stop processes in the background from running.
Below you will find how to do this step by step.

Attention, Please read it carefully!!

    -Press start

    -Type in search


    -press enter

    -Select the Start-up Tab!

    -Press Disable all and press Apply.

    -Then select the Services Tab!

    -Mark on the lower left the box, Hide all windows services.

    -Then press disable all!!

!!!!!!! If you using a USB wireless receiver or a third party connection program for internet connection,
please look carefully if you see this between services or at the start-up.
Don't disable it.Because you wont be able to connect to internet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Then press Apply and OK.

    -A window will come up to ask you to restart. Hit the box "Don't show this message again"
    -Then press reboot!!
If there is any problem on your start up or something isn't working like it suppose to, you can always go back and enable what you need!!


The activationui.exe error is mostly caused by your system doesnt have a genuine windows version! Or corrupted windows files.

If you have a genuine version of Windows, you could try the windows repair function.

If you dont have a genine verson of windows, You shuld purchase a valid and genuine version of windows.

On most Cracked windows version FIFA14 will not Launch!!


** SOLUTION 2 **

ERROR TYPE: FIFACrashDump                            ( Go to section B1)
ERROR TYPE: NVID/ATI .DLL                                 ( Go to section B2)
ERROR TYPE: DIRECTX ERROS                          ( Go to section B3)
ERROR TYPE: CLR20r3                                          ( Go to section B4)
ERROR TYPE: NO ERROS AT ALL                        ( Go to section B5)


There a a few steps to follow!

1st go to Origin settings and disable Cloud usage And Origin Ingame. and shut down origin.

    - Go to origin.exe in your origin folder.
    - Right click on origin.exe and select compatibilty tab.
    - Check the box, Run as administrator and press ok.
    - Go to fifa14.exe in your fifa14 folder/Game
    - Right click on FiFA14.exe and select compatibility tab
    - Check the box, disable display composition
    - Attention!! do not run fifa.exe as Administrator!!
    - Go to fifasetup folder and select fifasetup_default.ini
    - Open it and set your resolution the same as your desktop
    - set aspectratio to 1
    - Save the file and right click properties and mark it on the bottom Read ONly. And press ok.
    - Go to my documents or documents.
    - Rename your FIFA14 folder to Fifa14 old.
    - Start game and it should run normaly again.

If the game crashes again, then go to documents or my documents and open fifa14 folder, then open instance0 folder
and right click on Replaybin0.Bin and mark the box Read_Only and press ok.
Try the game again.


All the NIVD or Ati.DLL are GPU driver iSsues, Always use the latest driver
from you GPU/Graphics card manufacturer.

Laptop users should always use there Laptop manufacturers drivers. Mostly they are tweaked
for laptop use.


Directx errors can be caused by GPU/Graphics card drivers or corrupted Directx files!!

You could run a dxdiag to see if there is any problems in your DirectX version.

To run a dxdiag:

    - Go start, and type dxdiag.exe
    - Hit the butten run dxdiag.
    - Save dxdiag file and open it to look for errors.

ALso a cleanboot as in Section (A2) Can resolve conflicts that 3rd party programs can create.

Download the Arial font for windows and install it.

Try FIFA 14.


This can be caused by a bad overwritten FIFA 14 Settings folder or Replaybin0.

    - Check if origin is running under Administrator rights.
    - Disable Origin cloud settings.
    - Go to your FIFA 14 Folder in Documents and Rename it to FIFA 14 OLD.
    - Go to your FIFA 14 Installation folder and then Game/Fifasetup folder.
    - Open the file fifasetup_default.ini with notepad.
    - Change the following line:
      RESOLUTIONWIDTH = ( To your Desktop resolution width)
      RESOLUTIONHEIGHT = (To your Desktop resolition Height)
      ASPECTRATIO = 1.33333 (Set this to 1)
      VOICECHAT = 1 (Set this to 0)

    - Save this file and go to fifasetup_default.ini and right click and go to properties
    - Check the box saying Read-Only and press apply and ok.
    - Now lauch FIFA 14 from origin.

If your FIFA 14 folder in Documents contains a Instance0 folder, Open it and rightclick on Replaybin0 and go to
Propeties and check the box Read-Only. Press Apply and lanch FiFA 14.



We are all Community members trying to help other community members, So please keep
your patience. Describe your problem in great detail and always post your specs!

I my self also do 1on1 teamviewer sessions, so send me a PM if you want a fast way to fix your problem. (Only Technical Problems) or contact me @ twitter. #The14ndOnlyWOLF or

Please accept solutions if they are correct and press the XP button if somebody helped you. This way you help others in the same situation.

Greetz WOLF





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Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!



I was having FIFA 14 crashes when i started any match in the Kick Off mode, and after finishing any match in the Ultimate team mode.

So, i tried your fix for browse~1.dll file, and the other ones mentioned.


To my horror, the game is not even starting up properly now. It opens but then hangs for some time on the first screen with Messi photo, and takes a huge amount of time to go to the next screen, which shows Blank at first, and then again after so much time starts loading up. The game is virtually unplayable now. Earlier i could play the game but those crashes were there.


My system details:

Alienware M18x

GTX 580M graphics card

Windows 7, 64 bit OS



Please help urgently, your fix didnt work, caused more damage it seems.


Please let me know what VALUE should I put back into the Registry for that AppIntDLL ...currently I put NULL as you had mentioned.


Thanks already!

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Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!



My mistake, I did not disable the Service "Browser Protect". Investigating further I found that this is the service to which the browser~1.dll belonged to. So, i disabled this one as well, and now the game is running fine. I did not notice a crash yet. 


BIG THANKS!! I think my FIFA 13 would also not crash now.


I will get back in case my FIFA 14 crashes again. :D


Thanks a lot again!!!!!!!

Posts: 510
Topics: 20
XP: 366
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Solutions: 21
Registered: ‎08-07-2012

Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!

[ Edited ]

Rgr, your welcome!


Happy gaming!!





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Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!

[ Edited ]



Now again crashes when i start a match. First time it worked, but after the match ended, and i started again the match the crashes are happening again. This time there is nothing in the Event Logs as well.


Please help!


Crash dumps are present in the FIFA game folder for these crashes.


Thanks already!

Posts: 510
Topics: 20
XP: 366
Blog Posts: 0
Solutions: 21
Registered: ‎08-07-2012

Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!

[ Edited ]


please could you  fill in the list below.

Operating System
CPU (Intel/AMD)
GPU Type(AMD/Nvidia)
Driver Version GPU
RAM (Memory)
PSU (Power Supply Unit)
Sound (Onboard or External)
Overclocking (Yes/No)
Internet Connection (Wireless or Ethernet)
Internet Connection Speeds (
Kind off Virus Scanner?
Are you using any kind of Bitlocker?

...and please describe your problem in good detail.

***The less info you give , the longer it will take in resolving your issue(s)***

Greetings Wolf

PS: I also do 1 on 1 Teamviewer sessions for solving problems way faster!


Edit: You might wanna try deleting your Fifa14 folder in My documents or Documents and try the game again!

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Registered: ‎10-19-2012

Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!

[ Edited ]



Please find below the details. Deleting the game folder in my documents did not work.


I can start only Ultimate team match at the moment, which after ending also crashes when I press "Advance" after the match is over. Normal Kick off match crashes as soon as the match starts, just as i press "Play match" in the menu before the match starts. The game freezes and then crashes. No event log is being printed in the event logs of windows.


Alienware M18x Laptop

OS : windows 7, 64 bit

CPU : intel core(TM) i7-2670 QM  2.20 Ghz


GPU driver version :  269.03 device manager it shows version as

RAM : 16GB

PSU :  Laptop battery charger

HDD/SDD :   Seagate ST95005620AS  Solid State Hybrid drive

Sound:  Onboard

Overclocking: No

Internet connection:   Wireless from Network Provider till their Hub. From Hub to my laptop, it is wired LAN.

Internet connection speed:  4.45 Mbps download speed, 0.50 Mbps upload speed. This is the max download speed. It may be less at times.

Virus s/w : Avast antivirus (I disable it when running FIFA)

Bit locker:   NO, I am not even aware of it.


Please help to resolve this urgently.

Similar problem I have in FIFA 13 also. It used to run fine till around 2 months back. And then suddently these crashing problems occurred and continued. The problem for FIFA 13 doesn't occur if i run the Laptop in Integrated Graphics mode, i.e. Intel Graphics, instead of the GPU card. I havent tried FIFA 14 demo yet with the Intel Graphics mode.

Posts: 510
Topics: 20
XP: 366
Blog Posts: 0
Solutions: 21
Registered: ‎08-07-2012

Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!

Hi m8, you know your graphics drivers are out of date. you run version 269.03 while version 320.49 is out already.


So i suggest updatng your vid drivers. then try 13 and 14



Here you can find it for your system:


Cheers WOLF

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Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!

True, I know that. I was getting some issues with the drivers, so had to revert to older drivers.

Anyways, i will update the drivers and try again. 



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Re: Fixes For Fifa14 crashing /Not launching and the E0001 error!



No crash now and FIFA also looking better


Thanks a ton!!


I was a bit skeptical about updating the drivers since some time, due to some issues faced in the past few months. But this has helped and fixed the frequent crashes it seems. No crash in 3 matches! 


Thanks again!!!