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Price Bumping

I waited for one entire month for an answer on my case, after I was a victim on price bumping. And my case turned out to be inconclusive.
So my question is, price bumping is allowed? Sure seems like it. Just want to get it confirmed.


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Re: Price Bumping

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Are you talking about the 150 starts then the other person gets a friend or an alt account to bid for them to bump up the price or some other tactic (trade offer)? I think all these are abhorrent tactics but it was widespread in FIFA 13. What would EA do about this? I don't think much...

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Re: Price Bumping

yeah that is basically what i mean

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Re: Price Bumping

Bid Jumping, also known as Bid Jacking or Price Jacking. It is an extremely dishonest tactic that takes advantage of the failures of others.


It works like this: the cheater puts for sale a card, usually at an attractive price; when the auction is nearing its end and some players are biding, the seller uses a second account to make an offer for the card by an unrealistically high value. If he had no luck, wins the auction and transfers the card to the main account. If the cheat was a success, then someone makes a bid immediately following him and the cheater collects the extremely inflated value of the card.


Fortunes can be made with this method and the success rate is not so low. When a card is being frantically fought, it is quite possible that someone make a bid without having confirmed the value of the last one.  And, in FUTWeb, there isn’t a confirmation request for such operations.


We believe that also in the case of FIFA Ultimate Team Cheats which use multiple accounts, EA Sports is about to end with them.


Bid Jacking will be the most difficult to extinguish. Everyone should know that this cheating exists and should take necessary precautions during the bidding.


It will be hard to report such cheats because you did not have the name of the account holder offering the player up for sale,but if you want to try, here is the link.


Please follow the steps in the following article:


AHQ is not a place to report other players, it is a place where gamers can help each other with problems encountered in game.Please remember that 'naming and shaming' in this way is against the rules of the forum.


**Please note - Naming and shaming is not permitted on the forum. This is in regard to those you believe may be cheating in any of the games. Any references of this type will be removed.Do NOT post it in the Answers HQ.


Hope this helps
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