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No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

by chilltownnyc

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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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As tiziano crudeli would say vergonia, vergonia!
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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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I pay 60 bucks again, since I bought the pa3 version also and I can't play the damn tournament mode. I want my money back, and I will never buy this game again, I rather get pes, at least they have everything.
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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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These guys will not answer you on twitter about this, I have been at them all night and still no answer yes no maybe. Keep it up on here and on twitter
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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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Disclaimer.  Since FIFA 2002 I have always loved fifa.  It is one of three games I play.  I hadn't said a bad word about it until fifa 14.  It has been letdown after letdown.  Features I loved, unplayable, and now on next gen features just plain missing.  How can they call a game with less an upgrade?  One of the things that made fifa such an exciting game was the social aspect of it.  I agree with jamessparta's comment.  It is, check, WAS our poker night.  To say I am dissapointed is an understatement.  Thanks to EAMat for at least giving an awnser.  But saying it's not included is not a solution.  Is marking this thread solved a joke?  (On the previous thread they claimed that saying it's not included is a solution.)  These people writing here are customers, they have the potential to ultamatly continue buying your product.  I know I do.  I had no problem buying fifa 14 for ps3 and then again for ps4 under the impression I would be getting the same features in a brighter packadges.  I do, however, have a problem with getting less.  I cannot help but feel duped.  You guys announced a world cup addition for next gen. I'm not sure if I can take much more of this dissapointment.  I would like to ask two things.  

1.  Can these features be added into the game through a patch or some other form of dlc.  After all they are already in the current gen versions.

2.  If they cannot, or will not for some reason, how about a real explination.  I think the people who at the end of the day buy your product and pay your bills deserve more then "It's not there."  We have noticed.  Is there going to be any action taken or are you just not into listening to your customers?

Thanks for that post jamesparta.  I used my never used twitter account and sent them both tweets.   

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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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mrealryu wrote:

I am wondering if the reason isnt related to the World Cup next year. So we cant make a tournament with the WC teams they take the option off, and charge for it!!!

Yep - I have posted this is a couple of other threads just to help the bump process.  At some point we need a response from EA that is more than just "... it is not included ..." we already know that.


We want to know if ...


(A) EA has any plans to include it in the PS4 version at a future date, either through free DLC or paid DLC

Beer EA has no plans to add it to this version of PS4


Of course I think that it is really B + we are bringing this feature back in our upcoming World Cup release.  Their excuse will be "... not enough time in order to hit the PS4 launch window ..." which we all know is a crock of crap, because if that is the case, EA would then respond with we are adding it back in an upcoming patch for free.

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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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Ea sports it's not in the game
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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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I want to say EA sports not in the game, in your pocket.  But really why no response?  The other thread just picked up more steam when you told us it is "not included" on next gen.  There needs to be some kind or answer.  

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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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I'm responding to the other thread in here because EA has the decency to not mark this thread as solved... I think it actually took them longer removing tournament mode than it would to implement it since the PS3 version had it... I'm glad the other thread got a lot of users like me that are outraged! I think we should switch to this thread until EA gives us a proper response rather than confirming what our eyes couldn't believe!
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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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Concur with that sentiment. Rediculous is the only word for the exclusion of such a BASIC feature. 

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Re: No tournament mode in FIFA 14 PS4????

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I just posted this in the other thread and will be trying to use both now.


I just re-watched an interview with Nick Channon on futhead news. 

At aprox. 3 mins he says the goal with developing a game for cg and ng at the same time is makeing sure "all major features carry over" while making improvements in the game.  Now that we know tournament mode and creation centre are not included, that actually the CG version contains more features, this tells me two things.


a) They absolutly failed at this goal and/or 

b) They don't consider tournament mode a major feature even though it's been a cornerstone for the title for years.


Either way they need to fix this.  I'll say it again this is not solved by saying it's not included!  I am at the point were if they offered a purchased DLC with a patch for this I would gladly pay to avoid the utter dissapointment of this crap.  EA needs stop this carrot and the stick routine and make their customers happy, they will repay you, as I am sure many of us have for the last decade!  I will also add that I have never complained or felt compelled to by a video game until FIFA14.  Just take a look at my user name.  I only registered for this because of the outrage I have felt with this release of the game I loved.

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