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Monthly Competition to win 5 premium gold packs in fifa 14

by ahmedamin1788

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Monthly Competition to win 5 premium gold packs in fifa 14

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I have received a message in Fifa 2014 ultimate team that i won 5 premium packs in the monthly competition to claim the prize i have to visit website when i visited the website it asks about the mail and password i wrote it right then asks about security answer i wrote right then suddenly the website switch to and asks for the mail and password then i go to the home page normally... what can i do how can i claim my prize ? thanks
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Betreff: Monthly Competition to win 5 premium gold packs in fifa 14

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It is a SCAM,Go and check if your account is being hack,if not yet, change your password and security answer


NEVER give your account password and security answer to anyone,EA will never need this info to access your account.If you receive any email telling you that you won prizes with EA logo,Asking you to reply with your account and password/security answer,it is most likely a FAKE.


Please follow the steps in the following article:


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