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Locked out of FUT 14 web app

by teammerx

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Locked out of FUT 14 web app

★★★★ Novice

I got locked out of the fifa 14 ultimate team web app and i have logged in to my console but nothing happend and yes my gamertag is synced with my ea and origin account is there i way i can get into the web app i really want to try it PLEASE HELP

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Re: Locked out of FUT 14 web app

Community Manager

Hello teammerx,

When you went in-game did you try to access the FUT section?

If you did and you were not prompted to reset the Security Question, then please contact an Advisor at for assistance. Please note that available contact options do depend on your country settings and time of day.



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Help please help

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IM locked out of the FUT 14 web app for Ultimate team and I have tried changing my security question I have tried to log in on ultimate team in fife 13 but IM am locked out of that and I have asked questions to a game advisor but I fond nothing and I have contacted ea but nobody answered the phone. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE maybe somebody from ea can unlock me somehow 

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Re: Locked out of FUT 14 web app

★★★★ Novice

that think didnt do anything

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Re: Locked out of FUT 14 web app

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Ok so I downloaded FIFA 14 on my Xbox, and tried to get the web app thru online going. I couldn't remember my security answer and now I'm locked out from ultimate team completely, I also don't have my "trusted console" anymore. 

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Re: Locked out of FUT 14 web app

★★★ Newbie's doesn't work....

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