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How can i get the free fifa coins?

I am a new player for the fifa14, but i very like it! I want to konw play it well,some people tell me the coins are very important,so i want to konw how to get the coins? Are the coins free ? Some people on the internet ask me to buy coins at the http://www.[edit: unauthorized retailer website removed #3]! What is the site and how can i get the free coins?

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Re: How can i get the free fifa coins?

Coin buying in FIFA can get your account ban,You earn coins from playing matches,moving up Division,selling players at a profit.


Read this,

EA's Terms of Service do explicitly state that the outside purchase or sale of FIFA Ultimate Team Coins is grounds for account closure. EA are however also aware that many unsuspecting users do not know this, and they are making sure there are more ways to establish that coin-selling is not allowed


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Re: How can i get the free fifa coins?

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You can get free fifa things on this website hop it helped:smileyhappy: [Removed]