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Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

by ronhoods

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Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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First of all - There is scripting/momentum in fifa.


1 Manual should be manual no matter how ridiculous a pass/shot it should be controlled by user and not AI

2 No more 45th/90th minute goals please

3 Bad bounces/ first touch errors/ shooting off target/ defensive lapes and mistimed tackles should be uniform .... in every match and both teams and all times .... not just 1 team or in a particular match or at certain times coz that gives clear indication of momentum

4 if u hv good connection and opposition poor connection, your game should not hang and opposition get the advantage

5 Teams whose players get red carded should feel depleted and not helped by AI as per scripts

6 Overall better team and players should win at most times like in real world


Finally the stats on cards should mean something and implemented by the game ... weak/strong opposition should not feel the same

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

EA Forums disallow this type of discussion for the very reason that official stance is that scripting doesn't exist, and any discussion on it always turns nasty with various insults being thrown around by all parties.

We're not going to allow a discussion here which is prohibited at other EA sites.

No discussion of momentum or handicap. It doesn't exist.

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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Not that it should matter but I have given up on Fifa this year and will work fevreshly to support gamers that give up playing fifa and other ea games untill EA improves their attitude towards gamers and games in my country.

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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and screw  ea

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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Your spot on with everything you say its ruined the game, its almost unplayable, the scripting is so crude and clumsy it would be less offensive if someone from EA jusy came round your house and broke your fingers to stop you from winning.


You can tell from the first few minutes how the game is going to pan out, when you see any of the following ive listed below you might as well go and make yourself a cup of tea rather than sit there and be humiliated as the script (not your opponent) takes charge:


1. your star strikers will not make any kind of run for a through ball, if they done that in a real game they would be sacked.

2. your star strikers cannot hit a barn door from a yard away, the post and bar are as near as your get to a goal.

3. when your striker finally gets put through he is over taken by inferior and slower defenders coming in from all directions

4. Throwons and goalkeeper throwouts suddenly become inpossible because your players will not move into space and you find youself almost fenced in.

5. Your big powerfull defender makes a perfect tackle but the ball bounces straight back to their striker, so you try again and again and like a magnet the ball just sticks to the forward.

6. Your 83 Gold Team 100% chemistry full fitness is beaten 3-0 by a bronze team with no manager, 40% chemistry and low fitness without you getting a shot on target.

7. you opponents bronze defender scores from 35 yards when he hasnt had another shot all game.

8. Your oponent cannot score from open play so you strangely concede from a corner.

9. Your top goalkeeper starts pushing weak shots that he would normally just catch out for corners, see no.8.

10. Your star keeper suddenly loves to parry the ball straight into the path of a grateful striker.

11 You concede from a cross although you have 4 top defenders in the box but his loan bronze superstar towers above the lot and burries it.


I wont even bother going into the 45' and 90' joke goals, its to painfull!!


I for one wont be spending any more money on this joke of a game.


The more money you spend and hard earned trading you do will not make your team play any better, It will look nice on the screen though, infact as your squad quality increases your results go the opposite way. You cant make it up!







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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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this is all absolutely correct.


i was aware of it in 13 cant say i noticed it much in 12....but i feel in fifa 14 it is rampant to the point sheer comedy. 


this is my story.


it all started with the early access everything seemed fairly normal as i was getting used to the games different angle of strength op finesse shots and wildly powerful headers. i had a middle of the road team set up to feed andy carroll headers and from this and my regular had earned a good record and a place in division 3 never once being relegated. after getting quite into the game i decided that i wanted to spend more money than i have before in previous games (which was about 30 pounds) i called it the road to ronaldo as he is my favorite player and i have never had him in ultimate team period.


upon release i spent in excess of 300 pounds in the first few weeks..i sold what i had got from packs. which was mostly quite bad. anyway i got my ronaldo and set about linking him into the premiership with a full chem it all started alright first few games and i could see he was almost unplayable but after that it was like every team i played would just about do it against me...everytime i scored i would concede straight away within 10 minutes even if it was a person that didnt even get a single shot the whole match until that point.this started happening nearly every game i played. i could be winning 2-1 and in 90 minutes i would concede 2 goals and it was like the 90 minutes lasted forever....on one occasion i was winning 3-1 and on the 89th minute the guy ran it down the wing and scored a header he then went on to score 2 more the exact same way. down the wing and headed in to take away my win. i have had many games like this...the more i played with this team the more i would lose...and get draw after draw because i simply couldnt hold a lead at all...i then changed my team even though it had my favorite player i went for a in for ligue 1 with if matuidi, if lavezzi, if rodriguez, if maxwell, if abdennour, thaigo silva, ibrahimovic, falcao....and once again i would get the odd dominating victory but more often than not i was struggling the same stuff was happenening passes that were inacurate or so slow with the intended player i had passed to just standing there refusing to make any attempt to move forward to the ball despite me pushing the the anologue stick leaving the opposition to run on and steal it like it was nothing. 


once again i changed my team to the best bundas liga money can buy...robben, if rues,if lahm, if alaba, if aubameyang, if lewandowski, if kroos...the works...and again was like the team i had simply did not matter...what was worse i was getting beaten by bronzes, silvers, teams with no chemistry...all with the same rubbish happening. slow players one game fast the next, strong one game weak the next, 90 minute headers, 90 minute corners, 90 minute penaltys that the computer a.i players actually gave away.


i know have messi, neymar, and the rest of the worlds elite in liga bbva and still it is happening...i have went from division 3 and never being relegated with a bog standard team to getting whipped with the worlds best and fifas elite players at my disposal...i have been relagated to division 6 and and it appears i am to be relegated again....


all due to crazy things that are happening on the pitch...i mean iniesta with the artist card has 94 passing and 94 dribbling yet most games it was like a small child had stepped in and rolled the ball while messi or another player would just stand there like a vegetable. and games where i literally was incapable of recieving or making a pass as i had the opponent  just running in and taking it before i was even granted the power to control it myself...the inability to defend headers....the fact that rarely get to dominate an opponent whos whole team is not worth even half my cheapest player? 


it is a joke..


i have now had enough...


it frustrates me to the point where i actually get angry because i have no control... i paid a fair amount of money to be unable to enjoy it...


i accepted the crazy stuff in 13 but this is beyond it... i am not one to usually rant or complain i just cannot take of my favorite games has been destroyed in the name of what? money? some rich guys whacky idea to give rubbish casual players a fair chance...fifa is supposed to be about tactically beating your opponent with your brain and quick reactions...but how can you do this when it simply doesnt respond to your controls when you recieve a ball and it takes so long that some guy runs in and bundles your defender and scores...


this game is at best an illusion of control...i would have been better of giving my money to some smug meathead to slap me about..because thats what this game is doing.


oh and another thing...the coin i sell ronaldo for 1.6 million and get taxed 70-80k for what? i paid for it...with cash...does ea have a bank vault somewhere full of everybodys taxed coins...what a joke...


i am now in the position of teying to figure out how to sell my nearly 2 million coins for real cash to try and recouperate some of my losses... and then i will sell fifa 14... maybe even use it as a fancy tea coaster


yes pro evo is not in thes same ball park as fifa but that will be my only i am swearing of of this for good....after all these years of being a loyal customer...all the way back from fifa days on the megadrive....i am taking nothing more to do with this corperate money hungry rubbish....and i advise any other 


and whover reads this...if you think scripting is fake you are in denial.. this is no longer the game it was.. its not about the people who enjoy the game...the customer who pays to play...its about the money plain and simple..


peace out



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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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Absolutely fantastic,everything you said.
The exact same things have happened me.

I'm not entirely sure how the game itself decides you will win lose or draw the match, its as if all 3 outcomes are thrown into a hat and pre-determined. From the begininning of a match you know what the outcome will be. I mean have you played a match with maybe something as crazy as 20/25 shots on goal and 65% possession and basically destorying your opponent but in the end, drawing the game 0-0 or conceding a 90th minute goal. 

As I'm writing this I have just finished a match with my BPL team. With a rating of 82 and 100% chem. 
After having 23 shot's on target and 71% possession. I was much clearly playing much better than my 
79 rated, 88% chem Brazillian team. It was the 90th minute and winning 2 - 1 I concede a corner and I'm sure you know the feeling in FUT now when you concede a corner is always a nervous moment. thinking ''here we go again'' but on the 90th minute, I'm sure you know this feeling yourself. You wait for them to take the corner and know that no matter what you are actually going to concede. and not to my surprise. I conceded, which drew the game.
But then the funniest thing happened. 
The match ended and as I was navigating the match menu's to go back to The FUT Hub, and recieve my 494 coins. The game decides to disconnect.
So not only did I get a 'DNF' after the game was finished. I didn't get the 1 point, nor the coins and to top it of, contracts, fitness and attribute cards all wasted. 
I for one find this a joke, I've been purchasing FIFA year in and out. 
I've spent my own money on packs and I'm shocked at how EA are really squeezing every drip from there fans.
I would not recommend this game. These faults are occuring too often. 

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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fifa 14 is outrageously scripted

it was massively scripted in both 12 and 13 versions, but this 14 its just unplayable when you are getting it agains you.
Maybe some type of players dont notice it that much, but for my style of playing getting scripted agains means a loss for me. I cannot control my defenders, i cannot make my team move, i cannot select key players in important moments, opponnents score a lot of corner or crossing goals out of thin air.
Its a total joke.

Games and gaming should be about skill. Skill and smartness should be the only "random" events in a fifa game. But they are not. It doenst matter if you are better then your opponent or not because the artificial inteligence/momentum/scripting will take over when they want to.

Thats right when they want to, be that to our advantage , or to our disavantadge, this game is a crap , i get no pleasure winning, and i cant congratulate my opponents on winning because most of them arent even better , or played better than me. Its frustrating. its embarassing EA but i understand you only want happy costumers, happy little costumers so everyone can buy the game and win matches and each year continue to give you money for this manipulated piece of trash



thankfully year after year the number of people that aknowledge this is growing fast, and its not already a minority of us that complains.. its a lot of people already that understands how this scripting/rubberbanding works and even its existance. So EA cant hide this stupid feature for much long, and only until some nerd programmer cant decifer the code in the game and can come up with proofs.. its just a matter of time
And no one on earth( even the worst player) wants to get winnings because of being handicap helped. No one. but getting money in EA pockets?ahh thats a tottaly diferent story.. gold diggers trash company

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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★★★★ Novice



This /watch?v=cULKosF5iVE


Precisely. It barely feels like we're playing anymore. There's rubberbanding and it's far too powerful... Wins barely feel deserved & you very often feel cheated when you lose. They're trying to make the game appeal to everyone and this is destroying the experience for the rest of us because everything just feels far too 'corporate controlling' and, like the Madden franchise, its scripted gameplay far outweighs football fundamentals...


NHL franchise is the same. 


We should have the choice to play without rubberbanding.

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

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I came across this ad /watch?v=cULKosF5iVE


And I've just been reading parts of the Madden 09 description...


"In Madden NFL 09, the game engine is continually assessing the player's performance and adapts a custom experience to every type of gamer, from newcomer to the veteran Madden NFL player"


This explains why my passing would go wonky and those situations where the game wouldn't allow me to control my defenders just prior to conceding.


There is no doubt that the FIFA & NHL did this and still do.  Do EA test their games? The gameplay barely makes any logical sense because of this & it fees like the game is playing you - controlling you.

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Re: Fifa FUT 14 Too Much Scripting/Momentum and Suggestions To Developers

★★★★ Novice
I could not agree more with what you said. It was bad last year but it has been taken to another completely different level this year.

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