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Fifa 14 ultimate team web app

by Alsahir97


Fifa 14 ultimate team web app

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Ok so I have both a PS3 and a Xbox 360. I played fifa 11 on the PS3, but I played fifa 12 and 13 on the xbox. I recently pre-ordered fifa 14 for the PS3, and I was hoping I could get an early start to ultimate team on the web app. I already have an origin account that has both my psn account and my gamertag registered. I tried to log onto my PSN account on the fut 14 web app but it kept signing in with my xbox account. Im really not sure why I can't use my PSN account on the web app. Maybe it's because I have played the last two fifa's on the xbox, I don't know. Or is it maybe because I need to wait till I actually play fifa 14 or the ps3 then I can access the web app through my PSN account, I'm not sure. Can someone please explain/help me with this problem? Thank you.


P.S.: I have played ultimate team on all 3 of the past fifa's.

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team web app

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Ive cracked it!!


Have you found the challenges (under fanrewards) that EA offer? They give a reward for reading articles about the new Fifa. 


Well this requires you to Login, complete a few then on the menu bar hover over products, then Fifa Ultimate Team. You will then see Messi and on the right a FUT 13 login option. Click on that and you will login to FUT 14!!


Hope this helps!



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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team web app

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Sorry, but it didn't help. It just signed me into my xbox 360 account, I want to sign into my psn one. Like I said before, I've already preordered fifa 14 on the ps3, now I want to access the web app for fut 14. Thank you.

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