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Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

by arsenalmad12

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Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

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last night i bought numerous players from the transfer market and the next day they were know where to be seen ?? 

I dont even know how this happened and am angered about this loss. 

In result of this i hope there is a solution to return these lost players ? 


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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

Community Manager (retired)

To report lost or missing items in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team&nBbsp;(FUT14), follow these steps:


1. Click here (will open a new window)


2. Select your product, issue type and platform as follow:

  • Product: FIFA 2014 - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team
  • Category: Lost/Missing Item
  • Platform: Select the platform that you use to play FUT14 (Xbox 360, PS3, Pc, etc...)
  • Then select "Find Solutions", you will be redirected to the "Most Helpful Articles" page. From there select "I Still Need Help"

3. Select "Email Now" and fill out the required information fields. When you are done click "Submit".


You will receive 2 emails: one to confirm we have received your claim (usually within 48 hours) and one once the investigation is complete. If you haven’t received the first email, make sure to check your spam folder. 


Please note that you should only submit one report of missing FUT items - our Game Advisors will not be able to provide you with any further assistance once your case has been submitted, nor will they be able to provide a faster resolution.



For players who do not receive the Lost Items web form, please select the contact method that works best for you, and have the following information available so that your Game Advisor can assist you further:

  • The affected persona name (Origin ID, PSN ID, Xbox Gamertag)
  • The date the coins or items went missing
  • How were the coins or items lost--Auction, Trade Pile, Reward, Item disappeared upon log-in?
  • Missing Items Description--If coins, how much? If players, which ones?
  • Any additional details that may be important to your issue



Thank you for being part of Answer HQ Community!

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

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I came onto my tablet android came onto my fifa 14 account and I should have had 6500 grand but everything had sold but they haven't gave me my money my things are stuck on the market I'm really gutted I was looking forward for a pack but now I can't I hope this can change please help from Oliver bright



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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

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Does anyone know how long it takes for EA to investigate and get you your players and coins back?

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

★★★★ Novice

Did you get your coins back?

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

★★★★ Novice

i lost £1,128,000 lastnite on a van pirsie bid, ive also had players stuck in my tranfer pile for the last few days, if this is not sorted soon this will b the last time i buy a EA game

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

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Wanna know what made me mad, I bought Franck Ribery for 690 000 coins. I send him to my team go to play  a game with him, get to the team page.... Bam he is know where to be found in my club. Ansd on top of that, i go to the ea lost players page and request for him back... but does that help... no. They send me an email saying "they could not find evidence that i bought him" WTF EA your game is broken and so are your help servers. 690 000 coins out of my pocket for a player i cant even use. I am literally tired of this game.  

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

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trust me it does not work. I lost franck ribery off my team. A 650 000 coin player. Then i go to have them give him back. nope i get in e mail saying they could not get enough evidence to give him back, then they go on about haw they are "sorry" for any dissapointment. I am ready do smash this game.

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

★★★★ Newbie

Dear communtity manager


After 2 submissions and several weeks, probaly months now of patient waiting it has come to the point where i wotuld very much like my player back (FUT 2014). It is not so much the fact that i have not recieved it which annoys me, but the slowness and inefficience in which the 'investigation' has been conducted. I have not recieved one email or live chat post to even indicated that it is being resolved. Whats more is that simply finding the help center is rather complicated. I cannot do much to get into any human contact to help me and the system is making me annoyed. I have spent time and money on your game and because the market took all my coins and player i no longer have fifa coins to spend.


i really hope someone human takes intrest in my case, not to get my player back straight away but to simply have an answer/information.


thank yoy rorytowler Standard smile .  

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Re: Fifa 14 ultimate team - lost players.

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Anyone had any luck yet? i bought TOTS Rooney the other day and when i sent him to my club it came up with an error saying it couldn't. He then was gone from my transfer targets/unassigned, and was not in my club either.


I filled out the missing player form from EA and i got an email the next day saying the stuck items should be unstuck, but that didn't do a thing. So i reopened the case and explained this. I heard nothing for a few days so i tried to open a new case and i got the same 'stuck --> unstuck' email (so obviously its a generic system generated email). But again nothing was fixed. So i reopened the case and explained again. It has been almost a week since the 2nd case and i haven't heard back from either one yet.


This is really unacceptable EA. I have probably put more than $250 into packs over the last 6 months and if at any point i could lose everything like this i'm not sure i'll be risking that much money again.


I don't care if i get my player or just my money back. i just want some sort of retribution for bugs in your system.

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