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Registered: ‎11-02-2013

Fifa 14 stolen players

Please help! Someone told me they was willing to give me their players and I trade offered my best players for them I understand I shouldn't have done it but please help! They have my players, I spent hundreds of pounds on packs on this game, help me please!
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Re: Fifa 14 stolen players

If you trade in a legal channel,EA can help you,but if you trade to duplicate card or in an unofficial channel,there is not much EA can do


Please follow the steps in the following article:


AHQ is not a place to report other players, it is a place where gamers can help each other with problems encountered in game.Please remember that 'naming and shaming' in this way is against the rules of the forum.


Hope this helps
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Registered: ‎11-09-2013

Re: Fifa 14 stolen players

i opened up a pack this morning and i got suarez and i sent him to my club and when i went to my club they wernt there ? theyve been stolen please help me ??!

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Registered: ‎12-30-2013

Re: Fifa 14 stolen players

Same with me, I got Messi,Ronaldo,Xavi,Iniesta in totw edition, and when I was going to put them in my team they were gone. My 100,000 coins were stolen and same with my 10000 fifa points. Someone get them back for me!:-(
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Re: Fifa 14 stolen players

Somebody help me! I was playng this morning and i guy he said if i dind't wan't to swope Reus for Neur and another guy wen i swap with him he give me a badget and my Reus is with him somebody help me!