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Fifa 14 season reset to division 10

by Javierdr01

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Fifa 14 season reset to division 10

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Hello, my problem was that yesterday when enter fifa14 in my ps4, and started to play seasons for reason that don't understand iwas in season10!!!, my actual season was5!!, why this happen??.


Is very annoying that this happens to me, aaaa and also y almost forget, I also appear with stats that no correspond to me, with 9 loses when only I have 7, and 4 wins and 4 draws, when I was around 25 wins a 10 draws.


Please ea you must fix this problems, it supposed that with a new generation of consoles like ps4 this things should not happen.

I play a lot of time with your game, this is very unpleasant.


Greetings javierdr


fifa 14 nick: javierdr 

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