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Fifa 14 on ps4 security question

by russ201ser5

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Fifa 14 on ps4 security question

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Hey! I typed my security question wrong to many times Tongue out what to do?
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Re: Fifa 14 on ps4 security question

Log into your account with a trusted device. If you can not do that, contact support and follow this steps:


For this, you will need to contact Origin/EA support. They will gladly help you, with this problem. To contact them, see the steps below: 


*Note that some players may have issues when using Internet Explorer. If this is the case, please use an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome*


Click the following link and log in:


Then click on Help with a Game, and choose your game. If your game isn't listed, try entering the name on the search bar to the right. Alternately you can choose the Browse By Topic option and choose your relevant topic. If it is an account issue that doesn't require Game Advisor assistance, you can click the Manage Account button.


On the next page you will see a bunch of articles, links to community fixes, and a manuals tab for the chosen game.


If the articles aren't relevant to you, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will get an option to Contact Us.


Click this and you will be prompted to choose your platform, the topic of your issue and to give a brief description of the issue at hand.


You will then have your options available, such as having a Live Chat with an advisor, or scheduling a callback if it is available in your region.


After this, you will get a live chat or a callback (depending on what you chosen) with an EA agent, that will be glad to help you.


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If you need future assistance, you can PM me here.

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