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Fifa 14 - lost coins

by lankyboy7

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Fifa 14 - lost coins

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Hello my name is Sam and i am a regualr player of your game Fifa 14 Ultimate Team. I have been working hard to get coins by trading and playing games. I have been trading lots and havnt ahd this occured before i have been buying etos to trade. I put a 60,000 bid on one before the servers went down yesterday. I came back on only to realise i had around 5,000 coins and no player in my trade targets, trade pile, team and club. It siad the price had finished at i think 67,000. I am annoyed at this seeing i dont have many coins. The same thing happened about 4 minutes ok with kevin marllas or whatever. The gold player form everton. Even though it was significnatly smaller coins only 2.8k its really annoying. My psn is Lanky_Boy14. Could i please get help asap.

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Re: Fifa 14 - lost coins

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EA need to go into your account to verify your claim,we can't over here since this is a gamer helping gamer forum,pls fellow the steps below

For all account related issues, you would need to contact the support team directly for help,For security and confidentiality reasons we cannot discuss any account details on a public forum.

Follow these steps to get a game advisor:

1. Click the link
2. Where it says, What Can We Help you With, type in the game name
3. Click Find Solutions
4. Select "Billing/Purchasing" from the drop-down list
5. Click: Find Solutions
6. Scroll down a little and on the lower right hand side, Click "I Still need Help"
The Window Will Open...
Depending on your geographical location and the time of day, you'll see a choice of contact options - Phone, Live Chat or Email.

Hope this helps
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