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Fifa 14 cant connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

by johnvilla56

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Re: Fifa 14 cant connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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Recently when I was playing ultimate team I won a game 3-0, when the game had finished it said that I had lost connection to the ea servers, I was then given a loss in divisions, I was annoyed but let it go, however it became a problem and haappened 3 more times. I have spent over $800 on just getting fifa and xbox one so you can imagine that I'm pretty annoyed, is there anway that I can get some coins for compensation of not winning the division and my loss of match earnings.

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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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I finally fixed it

1) make sure that you uninstall fifa
2) disconnect from your network completely
3) install fifa
4) connect to network
5) download update for fifa (this may take up to 2-3 hrs or more depending on connection so be patient)
6) remove your xbox account (settings...upper right, remove account, delete your account)
7) add your account (sign in)
8) now it should connect you

Also you may try disconnecting power supply when Xbox is completely shut off. Hold power button for 10 seconds. Turn xbox on (this will reboot the system)

Let me know. Worked for me after talking to ea
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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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Hi inr1hab,
I was advised by ea to do this and have done it twice and it never worked for me. Glad it did for you. Has it worked for any one else? Cause this is dragging on now. I have been passed on to a specialist team to which I supplied them info they requested a week ago and have still not heard back. As for commanders (nick) fix. Im glad you have got your son to play. Buy this isnt really a fix , its more of a work around. As the disclaimer says in your post , both accounts could loose all theres transactions, progress etc. If I done that then no doubt if my sons gamertag was linked to my persona then i would loose all my progress, transactions and effort I have put into all my games that are ea. This would be fine if you didn't use your account. I agree with you that as a father I should decide which games mmy son can and cannot play online not EA. Especially if the game states that its suitable for age 3 and up. If they are old enogh to buy it then they are old enough to play it online. I think many peoples problem is that why can their kids play it on the xbox 360 if they have given them permission but can't play it on xbox one . And many people picked the fifa xbone bundle because they tbought their kids could just pick up and play. EA have not once came out and said that they cannot play online before they released the xbone version and now are not explaining why it is not possible.
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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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I agree with the above post .. Just to clarify I as an adult did not lose my ultimate team when the child xbox gamer tag was moved to my origin ID.. So two gamer tags are on one origin ID. Each gamer tag has it own ultimate team. It was just the child gamer tag that was reset with a new ultimate team from scratch
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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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In regards to above post- im glad that you have confirmed that the parent account will not loose all their progress . When I was on chat with ea they said that the parent account will loose all their progress, purchases items etc and I have put a bit if effort into fifa and battlefield lol. I have been dealing with the specialist team for 2 weeks now and getting no where fast. I will now try your method. So at least my son can play online. It shouldn't have to be this difficult though. I hope EA monitor this site then they should conpensate people for their loss!
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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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This is a fkin disgrace EA. How can a PEGI3 game be partly restricted to under 13's?!? Trading standards here we come!

Anyway guys I have a solution - from the amazing European Xbox Support!

Downloading EA Origin program to your PC! (this option can be used with all other EA games if you have similar issue)

Setup an EA/Origin account if you don't already have one
Download the Origin Client (do this even if you don't PC Game!) / this can be found on the webpage when you sign in with your account.
Logon to the origin client with the account you setup.
Click on the Friends button on the upper right hand side of the client window
Click on Add Friend or the small button at the bottom right of the pane that has the person icon with a + sign next to it
On the left side of the screen under Import Friends there is an Xbox Live emblem, click connect
Enter your Xbox Live/Windows Live information and Sign In
*At this point your Xbox Live Gamertag should be linked to your EA/Origin Account. You have to have already an EA/Origin account to complete those steps. You can also add any Xbox friends who also use Origin from here.

* This can also be useful to bypass age restrictions!
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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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I'm afraid I am having a torrid time with the very poor EA chat support trying to solve this, and I havent heard back from the specialist team since a week ago!. Different and conflicting answers from 3 very incompetent chat advisor's since saturday.They said that they cannot do a child persona transfer and that its against age restrictions.I directed them to this post. They said that the person has done this in error. This is my latest chat


Chat start time  Jan 14, 2014 4:04:42 PM EST Chat end time  Jan 14, 2014 5:37:41 PM EST Duration (actual chatting time) 01:32:58    


Chat Transcript

Shaunita: Thanks for contacting EA Customer Experience, my name is Shaunita. How may I assist you today?

Shaunita: Did you have any other questions or needed help with anything else today?
you: no , I need to speak to a specialist team to do a persona transfer and they are now unavailable :-(
Shaunita: What personas were you transferring?
you: My sons . He has permission to play ea games online on his xbox 360 but this has not transferred over to xbox one. He can play fifa 14 ultimate team on the 360 but not on xbox one. this seems to be an issue a lot of people are having and a person on the forum got this sorted out by doing a persona transfer
Shaunita: I see and it does look like this issue has already been escalated to our Specialist team for resolution
Shaunita: At this time we are in the process of waiting on an update from the Specialist team
you: yeah but the advisor on Saturday told me to contact chat mon-friday to do a persona change as the specialist team can take a long time to conclude their investigation and it has been a slow process. I would rather do a persona transfer than wait on the conclusion of the investigation so my son can enjoy his new console and games
Shaunita: The problem with the persona transfer is that it will break any games that are on the account, meaning it will make the games start over from the beginning and lose all trophies, achievements, rewards, etc
Shaunita: If you have any games such as FIFA or Battlefield, it will also delete the soldiers and teams associated with the account and the data is unretrievable once lost
Shaunita: Give me a few minutes here and let me check on that email
you: Yeah we understand that, he would rather start over again and be able to play online with his friends. Can it be transferred to any adult origin account we have?
Shaunita: If the other account is underaged, no changes can be made to the account and no games can be transferred to another account
Shaunita: What is the email or persona ID of the other account?
you: *******
Shaunita: The email address does not including any information on it. Do you know the Origin ID?
you: yeah it is ******
Shaunita: This Origin ID also points back to the same blank account
Shaunita: If there is a console on it, do you know the XBOX gamertag or PSN ID?
you: no there is no console on it , it will not le me add a gamertag it says gamertag is already linked
Shaunita: I have found the account here. I had to look back further on previous notes  Standard smile
Shaunita: Yes this is an underaged account.  Unfortunately because of this no games can be transferred nor can any changes be made to the account I'm afraid.
Shaunita: The account will remain as-is until the account holder reaches the adult age registered in your country
you: try ******
you: yes I would like to transfer ******* to the ****** so he can play online
you: origin id is ******
you: we were told that this could be done and I give permission for this. There is a post on my post on the forum that a parent has done this for his child through chat , he posted the chat transcript. My son has permission and can access the ea servers on his xbox 360 though
you: Can we do this?
Shaunita: Unfortunately no, you cannot do this and if an adviser has done this it was in error and unauthorized
Shaunita: Would you happen to have a link to that post?
you: you: this all started as his fifa14 on xbox1 will not login to the servers, there is no problem with the servers as my fifa account works on his xbox1 and logs into the servers.. so there must be profile problems somewhere.. but first I need to make sure I can manage his origin account Gaurav: Nick, here I have checked the gamer tag for you and found that has been linked with an account which is an underage account and not reserves the proper rights to play the game. Gaurav: If you wish, I could process a request to transfer the gamer tag from his account to your account but that contains some technical risks as well. you: as his father i should be able to decide what he plays, I read about this on the internet forums... he can play on xbox360 online as I am online now with his account on xbox360/........ how do i resolve this as his adult father,,, apart from the fact i could set up a new account for him with an adult profile. you: if it is to transfer his gamer tag to my account then please do this. you: it is best it is transferred as the problem will effect all EA games he has on xbox1 you: eg battlefield 4 Gaurav: But again just to remind you that after transferring the gamer tag, he would be able to play the games using your account but not with his own account. Gaurav: Nick, I would be happy to help you with your persona transfer request. However, there are technical risks associated with such transfers. Gaurav: You may lose your game status and progress, items purchased and/or earned in your games as well as content that you might have associated with one or both accounts. Gaurav: Once we perform the account merger, it is irreversible. Gaurav: If items, game progress and/or content is lost during the account merger process, the system will unfortunately not hav
you: its on page 1
Shaunita: Thanks for that Robert
Shaunita: I did read the entire transcript and unfortunately the adviser did this in error I'm afraid
Shaunita: I do apologize Robert however I am unable to transfer the games from an underaged account to an adult account because that is circumventing the ESRB ratings on games which are put in place to protect those under the adult age for their country
you: ok that's quite infortunate. Just to be clear though why can he access the ea servers on fifa 14 on xbox 360 then. I gave permission for him . It is a soccer game , which is rated at age 3 upwards. If he is old enough to but the game at full price then why cant he access all the features?
you: to buy the game , I meant^
you: he has been playing fifa 14 online since 2011!!!!!
you: fifa sorry online
Shaunita: The parental permission is on the account for EA's use actually because on underaged accounts, we require to speak to the parent or guardian regarding any account information because we do not disclose any account information to the underaged player
you: Yes but if he can play it on the xbox 360 online then why not on the xbox one ?
Shaunita: Yes we have gotten reports of underaged players being able to access games they were not old enough to access however that was a bug that Microsoft announced
Shaunita: When XBOX One came out, Microsoft fixed this bug so now underaged accounts are unable to get on using XBOX One
Shaunita: That is why you're able to get on it on XBOX 360 and not XBOX One.  On the XBOX 360 the underaged block was not working as intended
you: I have a transcript from moicrosoft support saying that this is not the case its on ea's end
you: would you like to see it?
Shaunita: Sure
you: Stacy: This has nothing to do with Xbox one Robert , please give the code to EA, and ask why you cannot connect to their server online when you have no issues connecting w/ their server with other games. Stacy: Give this ref. number to EA, have the call us. I will make sure that this is documented well. SR# 1229131777. Robert: ok thanks for that. He can just stick with it on his xbox 360 lol Stacy: Alrighty then, if you change your mind, please call us at 0800 587 1102 , and have EA on the other line, we will discus this with them. Stacy: Are we all set for now? Robert: yeah , we are . thank you very much . Stacy: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you with your concern. I appreciate your time and cooperation Robert. Stacy: Your welcome, Robert. Stacy: Okay thanks and oh and one more thing if you don't mind, Stacy: I'd really appreciate it a lot if we close this chat session properly,. Please click on the"CLOSE CHAT" button to end this chat appropriately. So I can assist other customers like you.
you: you see they say its you and you say its them . In the end we have a game that's 90% unplayable on xbox one because the modes are restricted
Shaunita: I certainly understand. From the information I had personally read it pointed out Microsoft so it seems to be unclear what entity the issue pertains to
Shaunita: However here is an article on what games have age restrictions on them based on COPPA which is the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act that we are required to adhere to
Shaunita: While your son was able to get on FIFA 14 on the 360, it won't be possible for him on the One due to this very restriction although I can certainly understand how it can be an annoyance to you as I probably would be as well
Shaunita: I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused
you: He can play other games online that are obove his age rating as I have set parental controls!!!!!,why isn't this made public common knowledge form ea, Microsoft etc when purchasing new console and ea games. Its deceiptful.
Shaunita: It is made public on every game that is published by a game manufacturer with the ESRB ratings on the box
Shaunita: Each game a game publisher manufacturers is required to have the rating on the box.  Each rating is given a letter that outlines that restrictions the game will have
Shaunita: The information on what these ratings mean on the box or also from the console are here
you: yes but the game is rated age 3 and that does not include this issue here . Again parental controls allow my son to play other games online. well he may not be old enough to buy it himself he certainly enjoys playing cod ghosts and black flag online .Not once has it been made common knowledge that EA games for people who have been playing on xbox 360 cannot play on xbox one. Like I stated many times here, My son can play any other game he wishes as I have set parental controls
Shaunita: It was also supposed to be restricted on the XBOX 360 however it seems underaged players were still being allowed to play online. That was not intended but was fixed with the release of the XBOX One
you: It does not say that on the back of the box.I totally understand where you are coming from. But the thing is every other game on xbox one works online. I, as a parent have the right to set what my son plays online. The only ea game my son can play online on xbox 360 is fifa because I contacted ea and gave them permission in 2011 to add his gamertag to the ea servers for fifa. He cannot play battlefield etc.
Shaunita: At this time however we are researching the issue
Shaunita: What I will do however is put in an escalated ticket regarding this issue to confirm if this is working as intended and once we do have an update you will be contacted
you: ok . I have had enough for tonight . I will be taking this further. Every person I have spoken to has told me something different for the last 3 weeks. I will be putting a serious complaint in if i can getthrough to a compalints department.
Shaunita: I cannot make any promises that your son will be able to access FIFA 14 on the XBOX One however it is something we are still investigating
Shaunita: I do apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced Robert, I certainly understand how this can be frustrating
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [edit: email address removed] at the end of your chat session.
Shaunita: Did you need help with anything else today or had any other questions?
you: no thank you.

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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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Did you try the fix I posted from Xbox support?
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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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was this a live chat or did u wait 14 days for the messages

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Re: Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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Sali443 , that was a bit of a chat I posted from my conversation from last night . I done 2 very long frustrating chats last night with one advisor taking 10 minutes to type a simple sentence so that it would go over the 9pm slot, so they couldn't esculate it to the specialist team as they supposedly finish at 9pm?I have had a specialist team on the case for 2 weeks and done all the tests they asked for and I have not had a response from them for over a week now. One chat advisor on saturday said that this is now a known issue and can take a very long time to investigate. If its as long as they take to type a message or help on chat then fifa 15 will probably be out by then!


.Jayseni , I have tried all fix's that has been posted on here. Nothing worked , when I tried to link the gamertag to an adult  persona on origin it said that this gamertag and email has already been linked to a origin account . When I tried Commandersw1 method after 4 days on chat the conversation I posted from last night said that method should not have been completed and was done in error and they should not be transfering a childs persona to an adults as its against ESRB ratings blah blah.And would not do it. If they are old enough to buy the games themselves then all available content on that game should be made available , its only football ! For any other game or publisher all you have to do is tweak the parental control on the settings of the xbox one and they are playing online chopping zombies , killing romans and shooting soldiers,but fifa football is a no go! I would just set him a new gamertag up as an adult to avoid all this but he just renewed his xbox live on xmas day before we had this issue and he's spent a few quid on his ultimate team and his cod black ops and ghost's and new assisins creed season passes, minecraft and his add-ons etc are linked to that gamertag.I dont fancy forking out again for all of them after buying a new console. I transferred all his team into my account so at least if his fifa reset I could trade him all his players back and he wouldnt have lost them. Miscrosoft have confirmed again tonight on their twitter support that there was no such thing as an update on xbox one to fix child accounts playing online, It's purely down to EA. They said well if all other games play online then its down to a restriction on the ea servers.

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