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Fifa 14 cant connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

by johnvilla56

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Fifa 14 cant connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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Re: Fifa 14 can't connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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I bought my son the day one xbox for xbox. I set it up as soon as I got it and installed fifa and his games so he did have to do it on xmas day. I tried it that day and it connected no problem, I had a shot of both our ultimate teams. But not been able to connect since xmas day . I have tweeted and facebooked support , since origin was down and got no reply. There seems to be a lot of people with this issue. I got on a live chat with an adviser yesterday. They told me they can only offer 3 solutions on xbox one. 1. Reset my console(like we didn't try this), 2 Test my network (No issues. My Nat is always open, We can connect to battlefield 4 online on xbox one and any other games no problem and both can connect to ea servers on fifa 14 on the xbox 360) and 3. uninstall and re-download the whole 9 gig file and fingers crossed it will work. I did and it didn't. I have taken screenshots of the live chat's very basic advice for proof, so they can't deny they never spoke to me. I don't know where to go from here. What's the point of having an xbox one when you have to use your 360 to play fifa 14! Hope you get it sorted. If you do can you let me know how please.

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Re: Fifa 14 cant connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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Have the same thing!! They (live chat) told me that it is because we have an underage user linked to the FIFA, told them my husband is 47 and they said that as soon as we change that then will be able to play.  I thought this sounded weird, why would it mess with the server issue.  Anyway, now I see tons of people are having this problem!! No surprise, no answers on answers anywhere from EA....

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Re: Fifa 14 can't connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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Same thing here, chat tried to tell me it was because we had someone under 13 listed on account, once I fix this we will be able to connect to ultimate team.  Did not make sense to me but have been trying to change my account for 24 hours.  No luck,  big surprise huh....Now I see everyone is having this problem so I really doubt it is the age thing. 

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Re: Fifa 14 can't connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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I have both my son's and my gamer tag on his xbox one. I've taken both our accounts off and re-downloaded mine and still couldn't connect to the servers. Next step is contacting Microsoft I think.
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Re: Fifa 14 can't connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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I have the same problem and the EA specialists have been on the case since 27/12/13 and still waiting.

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Re: Fifa 14 can't connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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Have the exact same issue,ruined my sons Christmas.after 5 days of nothing from xbox & ea.took console back to shop and exchanged home set it all up again and it works.son woke up the next morning only for same problem again,I've disconnected wires,deleted and reinstalled,reset factory setting,forwarded absolute disgrace
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Re: Fifa 14 can't connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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Same problem.
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Re: Fifa 14 can't connect to EA servers!!! Xbox one!

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Answer to problem - move child profile to origin adult account

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the answer is many of you children have EA Origin accounts that are child accounts and they need to be an adult account. I had to transfer my sons origin account to my adult origin account... he lost his ultimate team but can now play.. in order to get this resolved i had to chat with a game advisor online...


transcript below with gamer tags and email addresses etc removed.


Gaurav: Thanks for contacting EA Customer Experience, my name is Gaurav. How may I assist you today?
you: Hello, I am not able to manage my sons origin account, or login to his fifa ultimate team using an ipad or pc.... i have found out why I think but need more help
you: his origin account is setup as [gamer tag] and associated to[email address]
Gaurav: Alright, please be assured as I'll do my best to address your concern and bringing out a resolution for you in this case.
you: however, origin have[email address] set up with a linked Playstation account of mine , and not an xbox account
Gaurav: May I have the gamer tag you are concerned about?
you: [gamer tag] is xbox gamer tag
you: oops sorry - [gamer tag]
Gaurav: Alright, please allow me a moment so that I could locate your account in our database and check the same for you.
Gaurav: Meanwhile, would you please tell me your fist and last name, so that I could address you properly during our conversation?
you: [my name]
Gaurav: Thank you Nick, for providing me the name.
you: this all started as his fifa14 on xbox1 will not login to the servers, there is no problem with the servers as my fifa account works on his xbox1 and logs into the servers.. so there must be profile problems somewhere.. but first I need to make sure I can manage his origin account
Gaurav: Nick, here I have checked the gamer tag for you and found that has been linked with an account which is an underage account and not reserves the proper rights to play the game.
Gaurav: If you wish, I could process a request to transfer the gamer tag from his account to your account but that contains some technical risks as well.
you: as his father i should be able to decide what he plays, I read about this on the internet forums... he can play on xbox360 online as I am online now with his account on xbox360/........ how do i resolve this as his adult father,,, apart from the fact i could set up a new account for him with an adult profile.
you: if it is to transfer his gamer tag to my account then please do this.
you: it is best it is transferred as the problem will effect all EA games he has on xbox1
you: eg battlefield 4
Gaurav: But again just to remind you that after transferring the gamer tag, he would be able to play the games using your account but not with his own account.
Gaurav: Nick, I would be happy to help you with your persona transfer request.  However, there are technical risks associated with such transfers.
Gaurav: You may lose your game status and progress, items purchased and/or earned in your games as well as content that you might have associated with one or both accounts.
Gaurav: Once we perform the account merger, it is irreversible.
Gaurav: If items, game progress and/or content is lost during the account merger process, the system will unfortunately not have record of them.  This will prevent us from being able to recover them and refunds are not available.
you: can we be specific.. you can talk techy language as i will understand.... which account is transferred to what... xbox account v origin ac[bleep] is what i need to understand as we both have gamertags and separate xboxs and separate ultimate teams
Gaurav: Alright, let me clarify this to you.
you: i am [xbox ganer tag], he is [xbox gamer tag]
you: and we do not live in the same house and he is xbox1 and i am 360
you: just to mess it up a little
Gaurav: Just to clarify, here I could transfer your Xbox gamer tag 'gamer tag' from your son's underage Origin account 'xxx xxx' to your adult account 'xxx xxx' but as mentioned above, you or your son may loose all the ingame stats, progresses and DLCs, if any.
Gaurav: Do you understand and agree to those risks and if so, would you like me to go ahead with the gamer tag transfer?
you: I understand and agree
Gaurav: Alright, let's go ahead and verify the accounts.
you: ok
Gaurav: Please provide me the answer to the security question mentioned in your account.
Gaurav: Here is the question: What elementary school did you attend?
you:[security question]
Gaurav: That's correct. May I know if you have access to the email id [email address] ?
you: yes
Gaurav: Alright, now I am sending a verification mail to the email id associated with the account and I request you to check and let me know the verification code mentioned in the mail.
you: k
you: [code in email he sent me]
Gaurav: That's absolutely correct. Here you've done with the account verification. Thanks for your co-operation in verifying the account.
Gaurav: Would you mind holding for a couple of minutes while I am checking needful for you?
you: yes
Gaurav: Thank you
Gaurav: Thank you for being online. I appreciate your patience and co-operation.
Gaurav: Here I have processed your request. Now, please log in your account [my origin account] and let me know if the gamer tag is available there.
you: i can see it
you: does this mean he can login to ultimate team now when he wakes up
Gaurav: Sure, he could play using his Xbox gamer tag and your Origin account and could enjoy the game.
you: now i understand.... will he of lost his ultimate team... in the transfer
you: actually i can that now
Gaurav: Yes, as I have informed you in the disclaimer and you agreed. I could not assure what all the items he would have been lost but you could check it once you will start the game.
Gaurav: Nick, Is there anything else, I may assist you with at this point of time?
you: ok- on the ipad fifa14 app.. it says " this account does not have a copy of fifa 14 assoctated with it" is this because I now have to login to EA/origin with his gamertag and then it gets linked
Gaurav: Exactly, fist of all you need to log in using your Xbox gamer tag 'gametag' and your Origin account [email address] and start playing the game.
Gaurav: Once you have your ultimate team for this account, you may be able to access it on the web app as well.
you: no - it has reset his ultimate team - he has 5new packsin the store and it went through the setup video and has lost all his coins...
Gaurav: Nick, I am afraid as this is the thing what I have already informed you in the disclaimer that "You may lose your game status and progress, items purchased and/or earned in your games as well as content that you might have associated with one or both accounts.  "
Gaurav: I am sad but it was a possible risk and unfortunately that has been happened.

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