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Fifa 14 auction house

by shezz96

Original Post

Fifa 14 auction house

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When i search items on the fifa 14 ultimate team auction house i have no results. Why is this. Pleasehelp!!!!

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Re: Fifa 14 auction house

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This is due to the Auction house still being broken (4th March 2014).

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Re: Fifa 14 auction house

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exactly, auction house has been so horrible and frustating this last weeks...


For example, if I search for a busquets max price 1100 it shows like 2 pages, and in the 3rd page it only shows 3, I know the market, it should show a lot of results, like 10+pages, then, just so you guys know how bad the search is now, if I search for a busquets max price 1200 (+100 than before) it doesn't show any result, same goes to 1300, 1400... so many bug or glitches, what is hapenning? in the beggining this was not like this


another example, if I search for Schweinsteiger, it doesn't show any results


What is happening with the auction search?

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