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Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

by FredrikNM

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Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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If you reading this post because you want a solution for how to fix a custom tactic and/or customize your tactic, PRESS ""?" person had this problem" at the bottom of this message, because you cant fix custom tactic or customize your tactic in ultimate team!



Hey. I just talked to one of your helpers live regarding the the tactics and build up play in Ultimate team. He couldnt help much, but he answered me on one question; do you get a random custom tactics depending on the random team you get when you start Ultimate team. And the answer was yes! After this I just got more questions. I guess the idea behind ultimate team is to build your dreamteam, and play with it. Sadly when you cant customize your own tactics and custom tactics you have to play like a 3. division team, just now with great players. I feel pretty cheated, having used money on fifa points to get good players, but have to play with them like they are a bunch of druken old mens running around. When I tryed to play against the team of the week, I suddenly could change the custom tactics. This seems even stranger to me. Why only include it there? Most people playing want to play against others, not the computer. On top of that when i was changing tactics in-game in a season match, I actualy was able edit the formation. Why? If there for some reason was a point behind customized tactics, why can I still do it in-game? Feels like if there was a point behind it, now it just lost its meaning. Of course Im not gonna use time on the start of the match every game to edit the tactics. If I get unlucky trying to do it, my time will go out and the tactic would't even be saved. So if its a reason for not including customized tactics and custom tactics in ultimate team, please tell me what it is. If not, please let me know if you are going to fix it soon, because Im really losing my interest in the game, having used a lot of time building a good team, that I cant even play pretty soccer with. Which I would guess is the whole reason behind this mode.


Sincerly Fredrik Nordeng.

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So 4 days later I still havent gotten a respons. I hope you will answer me soon, because George Alexander G. at EA Customer Experience promised me that I would get a respons from the developers. If the questions asked in the text is diffucult to pick out I will line them up under here :


1. Why cant you change your custom tactics? Seems pretty unfair that it gets randomized from the start. While some might get a good one, I got a very direct and high defence line, whitch dont even suit my style of play. After having used over 300 euroes on this gold packes, it feels like the worst waste of money in my life. In regular season play I have a win rate over 70%, and in ultimate team, even with better team that 90% of the people I meet, my win rate is below 40%. 


2. Whats idea behind that you are able to switch custom tactics against team of the week, but not els in ultimate team?


3. If there is a reason for not allowing customizing tactics, why can you still do it in-game? 


4. Now I just want to delete my team, because of my win rate. Of course i cant do it having used money to get a great team, so the question is how are you gonna help me with this?


5. If and only if you dont fix this things I have asked for, whats the reason for me to buy more of your games when the seems half done?


Anyone reading this please press on the "? person had this problem"


Its now gone a whole week without any respons!


Yeah okey. Let me list up some more questions then :


6. In just bought 5 promo packs, for 10000 or 200 fifa points, from the store with the promise of 3 rare card and 1 special card. In those 5 packes I didnt recive one singel special card. Will you give me this special cards soon? It also said I have 5 packs remaining for the next 7 days, but now it went missing.


7. Is it the same people developing nhl that are making fifa, because I dont get the feeling of running, but skating around?


8. Its a cool that the players can run and get the ball straight away at throwins, but dont release a beta version of it and get people to pay 60 euroes for the game. The players sometimes dont even get the ball so you watching for 5-10 sec an idiot running after a ball he dont even get the hold of. Another idiotic thing about this is when then central defender picks up the ball. You cant change the guy throwing in, so why you put in this mode when your not done developing it?


9. Why cant you skip when the referee are giving cards, talking to the player, or you are changing players?


10. In Fifa 13 when the ball was 10 cm from the player he took the ball, because he is a football player who wants the ball. In this game I have lost count on how many times the ball just go straight past my players. Why change this?


11. 50% of the goals in games, and I have now played over 300 of them, comes from corners. Not very realistic! My guess is that you test your games before selling them, so why sell a game where corners are the reason for winning a football match?


12. It seems strange to me that you are controling the transfer market, by putting players on sale. Then you control the prize ect. Its ridiculous.


13. Sometimes when the players crashes the get pushed away 5 m without a reason.


Looks like you need an organizer. Contact me, because i love Fifa but with all this bugs you get me, and a lot of others to hate it. I found most of the bugs within a week! When you dont even respond your in serious need of more employers.


Well... Now its been almost two weeks since i asked you why you cant change your custom tactic and customize your tactic. Like I wrote earlier, you still can customize your tactic in game so it doesnt make sens that you intended to do this, even Catrina from customer service promised me this was very intended. I have written to you on twitter as well asking customer service why you have done this to the game. Still I got no answers.


What have I done now? I started pausing every game, taking at least one of my 40 sec breaks at the start of the game to customize my tactic. Annoying for you, well think about the player I'm meeting. Starting a game to play, and then when you are most pumped up looking forward to beat someone at a game of football, you suddenly have to wait for up to 80 sec extra. Just great.


You know what I just did. I made you look like amateurs building app game with a lot of bugs in it. Except you sell your game for 60 euros, whitch make you greedy as well. So wait for it... you are actualy some greedy arrogant amateurs, not even answering me. I guy buying your game, and buying fifa points from you. Not any more...


Even tho you dont read your own forum, at least 4000 people will have read my message soon. You want to know why almost 4000 has read my post already? They dont belive you have removed custom tactic and customizing tactic from a mode where you make your dreamteam, so they press on the post where it says "Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics" to find out how to do it!

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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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I am a victim of the exact same circumstance it would appear. My team stand off and let people run at them whilst a lot of other teams I play give pressure constantly never allowing you to settle on the ball. I cant figure out why on earth EA would put this random unalterable mechanic in. It seems completely rediculous!!!

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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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Weird no answer..........I tried calling them and they told me to come on here for my problems. What a joke soo disappointed in u ea

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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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Aside from the mind-numbing pace hounds that they claim wouldn't be so apparent this go around, aside from the grossly unrealistic 45/90 minute goals( suckle if you don't think scripting exists at EA), I find myself wondering how a man who could never in the real world make it to EPL/ligue 1/bundesliga/ serie a /liga bbva chase down and harass the likes of Robben, Aguero, gotze or even benzema? The pure brilliance and poetry of building, setting and passing is lost on this atrocious game. A grown man screaming like a child in the school yard because the called him poo-poo head... Heartbraking!!!! See you boys tonight though.....
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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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12. It seems strange to me that you are controlling the transfer market, by putting players on sale. Then you control the prize ect. Its ridiculous.


Yea, why not ? They can buy players and sell players for free. And by making that, company can make millions.


Want to add something 



14. Why I just can't Chat with my opponent ? It's like you can't communitace in fut, it's forbidden and there's no community. I think you don't want people to chat because you made the game perfect in everyway(!) so no need to talk with eachother.


Even tho, I really don't know if I'm making the lag or my oppenent makes it, cause I can't even ask it ?


Where is my ping in numbers when I'm in match? Even 1euro mini games has to have a ping indicator in multiplayer game but not THE EA, biggest selling AAA sport simulation developing company of the great. 


my opponents has lost their connection so often, like 9 of 10 games but I relegated from division 3 to 4 and 5 cause of that I can't even complete my games but it says "THE GAME WILL BE REVIEWED etc" but I never saw I got a win after any review if there is one, my players lose fitness, contracts, and i get 50 coins and face to relegation. This system is a big fail.


they lose connection but I'm suffering here, how can I report anyone who abuses the game ? There is no reporting possible, you can't even add a player who you just played against, cause you made the perfect game which has no bugs no abuses or imposible to create bad community on its own.

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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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thx for answering. its rude of them to tell us to come here for answer and then ignoring us!

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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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Yupp. I get disconnected at the end of the games when i have won 3 times now. For the chat part i agree. Maybe they think its somekind of chat that they have allowed microphones to be on, but when you cant mute them its retarded. Last match was against a guy coughing in the mic! Just awful!

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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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15. The keeper runs out of the 16m, and saves with his hands. No hands no freekick, nothing given!


16. Autoswitch player on high balls, still switches player when the ball is on the ground. 


17. Ex. Two players on my team run at the ball, and one on the opposite team. The player I have selected, the computer has decided he wants to clear the ball. For me its easy to see that the other player on my team will reach the ball earlier, but now i cant switch to him because the computer is taking over the game play for me!

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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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Fifa 14  seasons online

I have a problem! In the online game automatically switches tactics to attack in defense, and then the strategy ...
And another player at the approach to the gate of the enemy in place makes the weak strong blow awning that is??
I watched the setting is all right with no problems, as I have set up the joystick so no changes. And in the online game changes everything yourself .... (((
Even cleaning the system restored PS3. The result is the same ...
What to do? That's not fun to play,,, (((
Help please!...
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Re: Fifa 14 Ultimate team tactics and custom tactics

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There are so many bugs in this game that I´ve stopped counting. I played Fifa since Version 94 but after 20 years fifa 2014 will be my last. France 98 was by the way the best game ever. All Teams of the World. We played with 6 or more friends one World Cup from beginning to end. Worst: Euro 2000 (disaster) I love Football games, but this makes no fun at all. I hope many people will follow, because that's the only think this greedy people will understand. When nobody buys it anymore it will be the best answer from us players. After reading this posts I couldn´t believe how ignorant EA is. Not answering for weeks or never.


List of Bugs in FUT Fifa 14 that are impudent


- kicked from server in overtime of a final game (cup) happened several times an I was punished in the next games with less points (not my fault) (bug exist since the first version of FUT-> very very sad)

- random tactics in ultimate team online games makes team building obsolete

- spent 70-100 € in fifa points for gold packages -> hade to buy all players from my coins, because all I get is bullsh.. not even one player that is worth over 5000 in the auction house


bye bye EA




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