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Re: Fifa 14 UT, Web App, Transfer Market

by WyKZi

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Fifa 14 UT, Web App, Transfer Market

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I have got £5000 coins from selling players I got in the first packs but I cant buy any players through the web app (have to use web app for now as I cant play on PS3). Whenever I try to search something it comes up with " No matching results found. Please modify your search criteria and try searching again." and thats without me trying to narrow down a certain player (Trying to search the whole of the transfer market for any player!) Help on how to fix this please!

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Re: Fifa 14 UT, Web App, Transfer Market

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Same problem here. Since 4 days, i can't buy any sort of player in the market via the web app. Before, everything was find but now i can't do anything. I don't have the game because i have not yet the PS4 for playing the game... So i'm stuck !


I've tried to clear the cash, different broswer but nothing work... I have an origin account and the game on PC and everything is fine so i don't know why i can't buy player with the web app on my 2 PSN account meanwhile i can trade on my Origin Account :/



Note : My 2 accounts are :


PSN ; D_WiiZ


Thank you in advance for your response.


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Re: Fifa 14 UT, Web App, Transfer Market

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Same here. I have no plans on buying 14 since I wasn't real satisfied with customer service on 13, but I still dabble in the transfer market to trade friends for their 13 coins. This happened a few weeks ago but was resolved within a few days. I'm worried that this time EA is blocking all users without 14 or with 14 alt accounts from the auction market. I can kinda understand the decision since the market has become so much shadier since the heady days of FUT 12, but a little advance warning or communication from EA would be nice. I have 80K in 14 coins that I can't do anything with.

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Re: Fifa 14 UT, Web App, Transfer Market

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I bought the season ticket and now I'm getting weekly packs which I can sell but can't buy any players with all the coins I receive. 

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Re: Fifa 14 UT, Web App, Transfer Market

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Same here.... conacted ea 3times and they ended the call 3times in a row, and i waited like an hour each time to get into the chat.. very bad! its been like it for me for 2weeks, dont be expecting it to be fixed any time soon! i waited over a year for my case on fifa 13 to get solved, and when it did i had solved the game.

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