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Fifa 14 Creation Centre

by lhbenzema22

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Fifa 14 Creation Centre

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Just have a few questions about Creation Centre this year

When will it be available to create teams / edit existing ones from 13? Before the games released or not until it is out?

Are there going to be many new features? I've read about be kits available but does this include goalkeeper kits? What about any new stadiums?

If you create a team with licensed players will the commentator use their names? In 13 they didn't.

Thanks very much Standard smile
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Re: Fifa 14 Creation Centre

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Also do you know whether the issues faced with using licenced players in created teams will be fine from the start this year? There were issues such as not having the proper player likeness and also lots of licenced players being missing on creation centre. Although these did get fixed it took about 6 months for that to happen. Also the goalies all had bright blue gloves all the time.
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Re: Fifa 14 Creation Centre

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Yeah the gloves was another issue it did it for the kits at one point too. Was also the problem where certain stadiums were played in sunny afternoons but the sky would be pitch black
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Re: Fifa 14 Creation Centre

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When I use the FIFA 14 team creator it won't give me the option of using the new kit templates. 

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Re: Fifa 14 Creation Centre

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same, and because of it my one team using a new kit crashed

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