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FUT fifa 2014

by fenino79

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FUT fifa 2014

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Можно ли удалить клуб если лимит исчерпан в FUT?

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Re: FUT fifa 2014

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Origin plans to introduce additional language support further down the line but at this point in time, we will ask everyone to post in English only in the English forums so everyone can participate in the discussions.


Please feel free to repost your query in English. (you can use a program such as Google Translate  if you like  )


However, you may vote for the language you would like to see supported in the future over here at the Idea




Answer HQ expands its language support for FIFA, Battlefield and Origin: 


In German  Answer HQ Deutsch


In French    Answer HQ Français



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FUT fifa 2014

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Can I remove the club if the limit is exceeded in FUT?

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Re: FUT fifa 2014

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fenino79 wrote:

Can I remove the club if the limit is exceeded in FUT?

Once you've reached the limit there's no way to delete your club again.

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