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FUT Web app & PS3 - FIFA 14

by viconstantine

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Re: FUT Web app & PS3 - FIFA 14

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Eakirsti I'm logged in currently on Xbox 360 and the iPad app and can see 2 different sets of teams and no where can I find the switch persona tab you spoke off please help urgently
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Re: FUT Web app & PS3 - FIFA 14

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Kirsty I don't have anything on a pc version just the iPad web app and then started playing on Xbox 360 where I used to play fifa 13 funny thing is my levels and dp appear and change as I progress in ech but the squads and club contents are the issue do I need to star again on Xbox and write off my $60 investment in the iPad app as a major loss
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Re: FUT Web app & PS3 - FIFA 14

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Even if I never played Fifa 14 on my 360?

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Re: FUT Web app & PS3 - FIFA 14

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Game 983 your issue is pc based and seems kirtsi is being confused by you speaking about pc and me about Xbox perhaps you need to start a new topic dude your problem differs to mine
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Re: FUT Web app & PS3 - FIFA 14

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thegame983, if you now go to play FIFA 14 on the Xbox your UT from the WebApp should be available.


qu1nd4l, have you made sure that you are signing in with the same EA account on both the Xbox and WebApp. If you have made sure of that, then the best thing to do would be to contact an Advisor so the matter could be investigated further. Please follow the steps below to contact an advisor.

1. Click on the following link:
2. Make sure you are logged in (top right corner)
3. Click on the blue button "Contact a Game Advisor"
4. Enter the name of your game or product (or "Origin" for account-related issues) and click "Find Solutions"
5. Select the type of issue and the platform you play on, and click on "Find Solutions".
6. Click on the blue button "I still need help" if the FAQ articles do not apply to your situation.
7. Select a contact option. Please note that available contact options do depend on your country settings and time of day.



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Accepted Solution

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Sadly there is no option to transfer your Ultimate Team from one platform to another. If you have your Ultimate Team set up on your PC you should be able to switch personas on the webapp, but nothing from your Xbox UT will be carried over.


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