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FUT Founder Status

by BertieBongo

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FUT Founder Status

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Quick question, FIFA 14 is the first FIFA I've played properly since probably FIFA 11, I had FIFA 12 and 13 but didn't play them a great deal and didn't play FUT on FIFA 13.

I went into FUT on FIFA 14, created my team name etc but it's came up that I've only been a FUT member since September 2013 despite previous FIFA's saying I'm an FUT founder, which I had been since 09. 

Will this be down to the fact I never played it on FIFA 13, or is it a glitch? 

Any way of getting my founder status back?

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Re: FUT Founder Status

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Re: FUT Founder Status

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I've lost mine also. Had FIFA 13 and 14 on the PC instead of PS3/4, but now I'm back on the PS4 and it says EST. 2014. Pretty lame.



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