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FUT 14 transfer market (nothing on transfer market)

by deathatomic

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FUT 14 transfer market (nothing on transfer market)

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Hey so,

       I've just spent the last 30mins of my life trying to search for any 1 single player on the transfer market,

i'm looking for any CDM 350 coins or less player from the serie a yet i cannot get the transfer market to show me a single player... yet i KNOW they exist...


 I've put the buy it now price up to 30k and i can't find a single cdm in serie a... not one.. it to be honest its really starting to annoy me to the point of almost raging.. all i get is:


                                   ..."there is nothing on the transfer market matching your search criteria" ... 


YES THERE IS FFS! ive seen bronze and silver cdm's going for 150/200 BIN !!! 


anyone else have this issue? or does anyone know how to "fix" this cause 45mins to even look up 1 player is utter rubbish.

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Re: FUT 14 transfer market (nothing on transfer market)

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It's a joke mate, ive had countless major issues with this game since buying it, all of which involve EA's terrible servers. Unfortunately i just love football too much to stop playing! It's a real shame PES is nowhere near as good as fifa, i used to love that game. Anyway, to your problem, all i do is keep changing the values and re-searching and it eventually finds items. dont just keep pressing search as it will never find anything.

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Re: FUT 14 transfer market (nothing on transfer market)

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I'm getting this a lot and it's doing my head, all I have found to do is bump the price up until it finds players, and then when it does put the price back down and it should find a few pages of players, once you have looked through first 3 pages or so, back out and search again to keep it finding players for the longest as I have found that when you flick through the pages until it stops finding them it takes a while to find players again if that makes sense...
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Re: FUT 14 transfer market (nothing on transfer market)

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this is **bleep** you have to fix it ea i cant build my squad without it takin 2 hours to get 1 player


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Re: FUT 14 transfer market (nothing on transfer market)

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hey guys I had EA call me  and I told them about this problem. I have the same problem to where I can't find any player on the market no matter what I search. And they said that the more people that call the more priority it will get. So if we want this problem solved have them call you and descibe it to them so they can get working on it. 


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