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FUT 14 team disappeared?

by KapteynVolt

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FUT 14 team disappeared?

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I already built my FUT via the web-app. I created a good Spanish team, and already managed to get 4000 coins. Today, I downloaded the FIFA 14 app for iPad, and when I pressed Ultimate Team, my team disappeared and I got a crap bronze starting team instead! Not happy with this! Does someone else also have this problem? And can I get my team back?
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Re: FUT 14 team disappeared?

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Same problem. Preordered. Played web app for 2 weeks and built two good starting teams.  Logged in @ midnight on release.  Verified origin login.  All my levels and experience pts were there, but then when I logged into FUT, my team established in 2010 is now gone, it made a new crap team with bronzes, and I can't find any way to access my old team....btw EA, thx for not fielding phone calls anymore, either (sarcasm).......

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Re: FUT 14 team disappeared?

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Same, used my loyalty packs and got some really good players, Dani Alves and Neymar to name a couple, but went onto the iPhone app team was there, however logged into the web app and then everything is gone!?


No-where to be seen. WTF? I'm not a massive UT player so not overly bothered if i lost a couple of players but when its Alves, Neymar and a few more then I'm feeling a little pissed off.


WTH has happened ea?! lol? 

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