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Registered: ‎09-18-2013

FUT 14 and Origin log in problem

Just for anyone else who MAY experience this, for the last half hour my account was unavailable and asking me to enter a security question and password through pc or my console. to solve this issue try this..


Anyone who is interested I managed to get onto the web apps.


Basically you can do it with your PC.

Log in to your origin account.

Go into your profile on this page

highlight your username to right and log in, go to your account

It should ask you to place in a security question and answer.

When this is done then go back onto FUT 14 app

re-enter email and password

It will now ask for a security question answer.

Answer question

You should now be in your FUT 14 account.


Hope this helps a few people out!


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Re: FUT 14 and Origin log in problem

Cheers for letting us know!