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Registered: ‎09-24-2013

FIFA 14 won't download correctly on PS3.

Alright, so I pre-ordered FIFA 14 a few days ago. Today I tried to download the game on my PS3, but it won't install. It downloads all the way to 100%, and then when it starts to install, it goes to 14% and gets stuck. The PS3 gives me an error and it gives me a corrupted data file. It gave me the option to download the "FIFA 14 Unlock" thing and it downloaded in like 3 seconds. What I'm downloading is called "FIFA 14 Digital Download Preview". I've searched that up and it only comes up with people asking how to get the FIFA 14 Early Access. I don't want the early access, I want the full game since I payed $60 for it. Am I downloading the correct thing or not? Did your PS3 say that you were downloading the "FIFA 14 Digital Download Preview" and you got the full game? I've tried to download the game 4 times already and the same thing keeps happening. Is this a problem with FIFA or Sony? Am I downloading the correct thing?

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Registered: ‎09-26-2013

Re: FIFA 14 won't download correctly on PS3.

I have pre orded this game a few minutes before midnight launch and it did not take long to download. 
I did installed it but now as im trying to play it says. "The content is not available before the start date" (8002951E)

No money was taken from my account. Simply dont know what happened... 2 hours worth of nothing. Useless download waste of my precious time!