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FIFA 14 ultimate team issues

by mobs10


FIFA 14 ultimate team issues

★ Newbie
Every year I buy FIFA at the midnight queues, every year I get nothing but issues and problems with your product. I spend hundreds of pounds on packs every year and EA take advantage of this. I buy the ultimate addition ASWEL as the season pass, now my main issues are.
• my DNF is absolutely terrible as your servers seem to cut me out of every tournament match I play and every time I play a friend.
• this year I could not purchase packs unless I brought the Season pass for £20! Why?
•I never ever have had a decent pack.
• you disconnect me from 80% of my matches and give me the loss even if I win AND destroy my DNF%
• I have spent £100 so far and have NOT had 1 good player.
• I always loose bids as a result of you disconnecting me.
Now I am really annoyed and upset with these issues. Please reimburse me for my losses, please reset my DNF% and as a gesture of good will I would appreciate free packs and/or FIFA points. Please don't ignore me as I look forward to FIFA every year and I am a good customer to you, you can check my loyalty and see how much I spend on ultimate team every year. I would be grateful to hear back with your reimbursement offers.
Thank you
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