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FIFA 14 online squad error

by deaditeuk

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FIFA 14 online squad error

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Can somebody please help? It syncs my squads, then when I play seasons it says my squad does not match my opponents and I cannot play online. How do I delete my online squad data?


I'm playing FIFA 14 on pc btw



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Re: FIFA 14 online squad error

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how do i delete the file where to frustrating me now

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Re: FIFA 14 online squad error

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Just go to Saved Data Utility in PS3 main screen and delete online squad file

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Re: FIFA 14 online squad error

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I cant ebeleive people have been having this problem since its release. yet here I am in MAY and there is no solution. incredible. its not even a niche game type or anything. its fu cking seasons. one of the mos tplayed game modes. incredible.

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