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FIFA 14 online play LAGG/SLOW/BAD

by pedrooo92

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FIFA 14 online play LAGG/SLOW/BAD

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lagg/slow play on online play.i have a brutal pc , 30/2mb, internet connection and my players playing,running,accelerating slowmballcontrol 0,ball handling 0.i push the pass button,than my player want first handle the ball(1-2 sec)than makes the pass. port forwarded. enemy players are all stronger than my players.. what is the problem? ANYBODY HELP



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Re: FIFA 14 online play LAGG/SLOW/BAD

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admin or anybody help me pls

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Re: FIFA 14 online play LAGG/SLOW/BAD

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anybody pls help......

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Re: FIFA 14 online play LAGG/SLOW/BAD

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Have you tried uninstalling it and deleting it from your systema nd then reinstalling it?


Maybe when it installed it set up the gameplay settings wrong,


Also have a look here, there might be something in there to make your gameplay smoother.


Best of luck to you

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