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FIFA 14 (XBOX ONE) career mode not saving

by hampshirevampir

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FIFA 14 (XBOX ONE) career mode not saving

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I have a reference number for this error and was told it is an across the board problem in the hands of the developers. Why then isn't it on the bulletin board so that we can see when the problem has been solved. Is it a known problem i.e.. you can't save career mode, seems a pretty big deal to me, much more so than can I pass my FIFA 13 players to FIFA 14 which is irrelevant if you can't save the game!


I'm also having problems when connected to EA servers from my XBOX ONE, no matter how I try or what I change, I can't set my lead profile or much else for that matter.


Last thing, why don't EA 'CALL BACK' ? it's your problem, why am I paying for the phone call ? I buy the game, it doesn't work, I phone, and the problem isn't broadcast or resolved.


Come on, what's going on at EA; if I piled all the EA games I've bought over the years (PS1/2/3 XBOX 360 and probably Sega megadrive as well) I'd need a pretty big ladder to reach the top. So show loyalty some respect and resolve these problems and broadcast it when you have.





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Re: FIFA 14 (XBOX ONE) career mode not saving

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I have the exact same problem,does yours say syncing with Xbox one and then say it's can't save profile 1? It has only started doing it last couple of days for me ,keep me up to date if yours changes
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