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Registered: ‎10-11-2013

FIFA 14 Unfair CPU in Career Mode

Hi there, I hope somebody can maybe shed some light on this that has been grating on me for the last couple of weeks.


I've started a new career mode a few times now on World Class difficulty, and I'm noticing the same pattern of gameplay every time. The first 6 or so games are fine. I concede very few goals and win comfortably from 2-0 to 5 or 6-0.


Then, it's almost as if the AI realises that I'm doing well, and all of a sudden I begin to concede goals, and none of my shots seem to go in. I regularly find myself losing or drawing games where I've had 20 or more shots to the CPU's 5 or 6.


Even mistakes that would never happen normally begin to occur. My goalkeeper for example waiting to catch an easy cross, ends up punching it into the back of my own net, or dropping it through his hands for it to fall to an opposing player. Even their shots will be parried by my keeper into an onrushing opponent ready to slot into an empty net. They score a multitude of headers from crosses no matter how good in the air my player that's marking them is.


In stark contrast, at the other end when I'm in attack, the CPU keeper will be pulling off wonder saves left, right and centre. No rebounds will end up falling to my attackers, and no matter how many headers I win from crosses, either their keeper will save them, they'll hit the bar or end up going over.


I play with the game on default assistance, so assisted shooting, passing and through balls etc, which should not make an ape of difference.


In addition, I notice that my players are pulled up for handballs almost twice as much as the CPU opposition, and therefore give away twice as many penalties and free kicks in dangerous positions. I had to watch an instant replay of an incident the other day where I crossed the ball and inside the box, the ball was clearly blocked by the CPU player's hand, but no penalty was given.


Why then are offsides so strict, if things like equal calls on handballs are not?


Has anybody else noticed this huge amount of help the CPU seems to give itself to thwart any sort of good game you might be playing? In a match where you've lost after smashing 10 shots on target to the CPU's 2, it leaves you feeling cheated and as if there is nothing you can do to win, despite the fact that the game should be completely impartial and even in the areas you have no control over.




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Registered: ‎12-05-2013

Re: FIFA 14 Unfair CPU in Career Mode

Yep! Heh. Just slide tackled in front of an attacker he ran on me ball first an
They got a penalty! Come on ea fix fix fix fix chop chop!! Unfair! And that 15 great hard shots versus computers
3 shots and 2 goals type of thing.
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Registered: ‎05-17-2014

Re: FIFA 14 Unfair CPU in Career Mode

This is totally true. CPU turns it on for about 8 games consecutively during a season. Even bottom of the table teams play out of their minds.

You can also tell that they tone down their play when they have 2+ goal lead.

This needs to be fixed as it is so frustrating and predictable.
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Registered: ‎09-20-2014

Re: FIFA 14 Unfair CPU in Career Mode

Game settings-->Rules-->Handball:smileysurprised:N

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Registered: ‎10-08-2014

Re: FIFA 14 Unfair CPU in Career Mode

Exactly the same thing happened to me. I won the first four or five with ease. And all of the sudden I'm losing and drawing a ton of games that I should be winning easily. The goalkeepers are just making ridiculous saves left and right. The rebounds NEVER go to my players. I have more than ten shots in every single game I play in and my opponents are always beating me with like 2-3 shots. They always score on some stupid play by my keeper too.
Fix it fifa!