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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team security password

by ferrazamaral

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team security password

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I forgot my security password, what do I do?

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Re: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team security password

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A. If you have access to your trusted device:

  1. Go to the FUT website and login.
  2. When you are asked for your secret question, click on Forgot answer?
  3. Next, you'll need to login to your trusted device and load FIFA 14 
  4. Once you enter the Ultimate Team game mode, you will be prompted to create a new secret question. 

B. If you no longer have access to your trusted device:

  • You will need to contact a game advisor for help.

For any issues regarding accounts, please follow these steps to contact a game advisor for more help:

1. Click the link and log in with your Origin name and password.

2. Where it says: ’What Can We Help you With’, type in ‘GAME NAME’

3. Click Find Solutions

4. Select "Your problem,eg accounts" from the drop-down list and also select your platform from the list.

5. Click: Find Solutions

6. Scroll down a little and on the lower right hand side, Click "I Still need Help"


Picture to help you understand better,

If live chat is gray, change your country to US and make sure you're on US Business hours. It might also gray because they're very busy. Try later.


The Window Will Open...
You’ll now see the currently available contact options(Depending on your game). These may vary depending on your geographical location and the time of day. Phone or Live Chat are the best options.


For customers in North America:

  • Select "Call me."
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Select "Submit."

For Customers outside of North America:

  • Go to the "choose a contact method" section
  • Contact us using the telephone number provided within the listed opening hours

Please be aware that it is likely that the agent you speak to will need to confirm your personal informations on this account.



Hope this helps
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