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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App

Hi there,


Im experiencing some frustrating difficulties and issues with my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team on the web app.

I first created my team on December 2010, and went on the web app for the first time three days ago. However, when i logged in, I did not get prompted to change my name, nor did it open my starting pack in front of me, all i got was a daily gift of a free bronze mini pack. Once i had opened my gift, nothing else happened, so i went into my club and my starting pack players were already in my club, without me even opening it or seeing it before. I also did not get any loyalty packs which i here you get for having a created club for a long period of time. I have had my team since 2010 and i got no packs, nor was i able to open my starting pack, my players were just there. I have never given my details away so i find it hard to believe that somebody would've gone onto my account and stolen my packs and players resulting from the packs. I really want these loyalty gold packs and i was very frustrated that i was unable to experience my starter pack opening or get to change my name. Please help EA, i dont understand as to why this has happened. My Xbox gamertag is Now Santiago, and my Team name is H R Puffinstuff, my email is [edit: email address removed]

Help would be appreciated,


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Re: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App

I would suggest contacting an EA Advisor by going to

You will have to write some keywords about your problem, then fill out product, category and platform, press "Find Solutions" and then "I Still Need Help". Then your contact options will appear. If live chat/phone does not appear, it might be closed in your area at the moment and you might consider changing it to: "United States" or something else in the language selector in the bottom for a better result.
Please accept solutions if they are correct and press the XP button if somebody helped you. This way you help others in the same situation.
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Re: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App

I have the pretty much the same problem but when I set up the web app it had my original account details built my team an when early access came out I it said my account didn't exist an an has now set me up a new team iv lost all my eafc levels all my loyalty packs what should I do I want my original team back
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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App

I never entered my in my security passcode, but it has locked me out because I have supposodly entered it in wrong to many times. Can anyone help me change my security question? My game broke and I want still mess around with ut.