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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team DNF

by CraigT78

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team DNF

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Many times my DNF is affected due to my opponent quitting or dropping out of the game in the build up screen. This edition I have made a pledge to myself not to rage quit, and so far have been successful in this but constantly being penalised for someone else quitting or the servers dropping out is very frustrating. Can I get my DNF rating reset so as to reflect my actual DNF rating? Please help, I love FIFA 14, particularly FUT, but this issue is making my season progression very difficult, and I do not think this is fair. I look forward to a reply :-)

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Re: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team DNF

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Is one of the most annoying things in this fifa, how there I get to lose a game, been disqualified, lose contracts, when wasn't me who turn off the game, so many times I been losing points, when my internet connection gone down or even when shut down the power, in this case I losing points and contracts, but when happen the other way no.


EA this is one of the problems u have to solve, there is no justice this way. 


I am a fifa paying player and I have the right to have a good experience.

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