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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Generator v1.2‏

by showman1212

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Generator v1.2‏

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My account has been hacked by someone who sold all my players. In my emailbox i found a mail from: [edit: email address removed] .

They told me to download a link and download this program : 

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Generator v1.2‏


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Re: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Generator v1.2‏

Community Manager (retired)

The following process should be followed if you believe that your Origin (EA) Account has been hacked or compromised.

If you have been notified that your email address has been changed but have not requested a change of email address, suffered any other similarly suspicious activity, or have any other reason to doubt the security of your account, please follow the steps below to create a new account in order to request contact us for support.

Note, before contacting, be sure to have the following information available so that we may help you as quickly as possible:


  • A serial number from one of your games, if possible, is the easiest identifier we can use to locate your account. If you do not a serial number available we will be able to accept your Gamertag, PSID, or Character Names from online games.
  • The email address you would like to be contacted at
  • The original email address for your compromised accout
  • Your actual date of birth
  • The date of birth used to set up your account

Create a new Origin (EA) Account:

  • Go to and select "Register" in the Login Bar located in the upper-right corner 
  • Enter an email address you have never used with an EA account before
  • Choose a Master ID and a Password, enter your date of birth and rest of the required fields using only accurate information.

Contact Us from your New Account

  • Go to and select "Login" in the Login Bar.
  • Select "Contact Us" located further down the right side.
  • Select "Origin" as your product.
  • Select "Account Security" as your category.
  • Select "PC" as your platform.
  • Select "I Still Need Help"

For customers in North America:

  • Select "Call me."
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Select "Submit."

For Customers outside of North America:

  • Go to the "choose a contact method" section
  • Contact us using the telephone number provided within the listed opening hours

Please be aware that it is likely that the agent you speak to will need to confirm information on this account.


[IMPORTANT] How not to get hacked and what to do when it already happened




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Re: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Generator v1.2‏

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I lost 6776k
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Re: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Generator v1.2‏

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if ya gona do that make sure its not got any survbeys or passwords onit OK AND ESPECIALLY DONT POST THINGS LKE THAT ON HERE YA CAN GET BANNED

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