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FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

by xaliemrex

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FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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Good day!

I have an issue with product key. I purchased FIFA 2014 from Turkey  for approximately 80 USD. After registering I entered the product key number and it started downloading. But, by technical reasons, internet connection was lost and after several attempts to enter the same product key number, it says that number is used already. And I couldn’t download FIFA 2014. After opening Origin Program –in the section “My games” I didn’t find the game downloaded.  If required by site administrator, I can send game code number and product key number directly to administrator to proof its originality.  I will be grateful if you could help me with this issue! Thank you!

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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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Hi! You should contact EA support.They will help you.


Have a nice day,



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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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With your serial code, you are eligible for the download version of your game. You can download it through Origin and redeem your code.


Instructions on how to do this can be found here: Redeem Your Serial Code in Origin


Make sure to uninstall the DVD version and install the download version instead,click on the “i” (information) button. This will open another window that also has a download button. Click on that to install.



Finding the code on Origin


If you registered the game on OR bought it on Origin, the serial code can be found in the myGames tab on the Origin client. Download the client from here in with your data and go to the MyGames tab. Hover over the game and find the i


The product code listed there is your serial number (it can be different from your original one if the game was bought before Origin came out)


1st Make sure you are logged into the account on which the game/s were registered.
If you're getting the "code already used" message, it means the game code has been registered.

Please make sure you have "Show: All Games" in MY GAMES selected. Have also a look at "Hidden Games" because manually hidden games will not appear in the "All Games" view.

If none of the above, you'll have to contact a game advisor (accounts) via live chat from your computer to check the status of your account and where the game code may be registered.

Origin client Menu:
Help > Origin Help.
Live Chat link, up top next to the Search box.
or here..


1. Click the link and log in with your Origin name and password.

2. Where it says: ’What Can We Help you With’, type in ‘GAME NAME’

3. Click Find Solutions

4. Select "Your problem,eg accounts" from the drop-down list and also select your platform from the list.

5. Click: Find Solutions

6. Scroll down a little and on the lower right hand side, Click "I Still need Help"


Picture to help you understand better,


The Window Will Open...
You’ll now see the currently available contact options. These may vary depending on your geographical location and the time of day. Phone or Live Chat are the best options.

For customers in North America:

  • Select "Call me."
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Select "Submit."

For Customers outside of North America:

  • Go to the "choose a contact method" section
  • Contact us using the telephone number provided within the listed opening hours

Please be aware that it is likely that the agent you speak to will need to confirm information on this account.



Hope this helps
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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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Thank you, I received your advice, but my problem is a little bit different, at pic.1 it is shown that the standard window is opening when CD is in CD-ROM. At pic.2 , as you may see, I enter the code and it says it is already used. (the reason why it says that the code is used-is because at first time, when I entered CD, entered the code and it started downloading the game into MY GAMES folder, internet connection has failed and it remained unfinished. I tried to use it again to finish downloading, but now it says its used.)


I can not download and play the game. I talked with Origin representatives, but they couldn’t help because I bought the game in Turkey from the third party. I contacted with the company I bought the game from, they said to bring the game CD, but I am abroad for the next 6 month. I wanted to buy the Product Code by internet, but couldn’t find a link. That’s why the game, that I paid 80 USD for, is still unused :manhappy:

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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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I can't install FIFA 14 from the original CD.When I enter the CD key,it says that the key is already been used.Please,help.

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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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I bought a Fifa 14 Original Disc and i came home and started the download of the online pass as in the middle it shows key has been used please help and give me a new code at [edit: email address removed]


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Re: I have been hacked

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I have been hacked and I lost all my good players including Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Iniesta and Xavi please write back at [edit: email address removed] to tell me how to retrieve them
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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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Hi, i have tried to install FIFA14, but when i try to enter my product code via Origin it says its already used. What could i do to fix this?

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Re: FIFA 14 Product Key Problem

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what  is  it  producte  code  please  tell meee


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