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by dabhis

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I can get over the 45 and 90 min goals because I have accepted EA refuse to acknowledge and/or address the problem.


But there are two other problems that really must get recognised and dealt with:




when playing manager career, why have you decided its realistic that, the player MUST lose to the bottom of the division team, and if not lose then have them play as though your up against as bayern , barca or real in world class mode?


I am playing with ACmilan and have not yet lost a game (beating 2nd place inter 4-1) but then Livorno show up who have one win to there name, and hammer me 1-0, I couldnt move, I couldnt pass, I couldnt run as fast as them, I was crushed into my box for the whole game. wdf is that about like, and whats worse is it happens every season in some of the leagues..  Guess when they scored???....yep...45'  


My RW Bakkali (98acc 93ss) was absolutly torn apart by livorno's Morelo,with the ground breaking speed of  78acc 79ss... Need I say any more..


When have Man City ever been beaten by Leicester 3-0, because this is what i have had to but up with in my other game, undefeated, and then the mighty leicester show up AT THE ETIHAD I MIGHT ADD.. Of course I didnt have my entire first team on, but still, my 2nd team would demolish Leicester like.....Sort it out lads.. and whats worse is man city 22 shots on target and leicester 1 shot on target 3 shots taken... who are you kidding like.




Passing is an absolute disaster, and take note of what I am saying next.... When you pass from a defender to a mid or a mid to a forward, why dont they move to the ball?, they stand there like morons waiting for it to come to them, and even when the little red thing goes above there head they wont move till the ball reaches them, but the defending team can move around your stationary player, and intercept. in fifa 13 they moved to the ball, they knew how to find spaces and they came to recieve a pass, in 14 if a CB passes to a mid the CM just stands there waiting while a swarm of opponants surround him and take it..........


ALLOW THE PLAYERS TO RECIEVE A PASS CORRECTLY, NOT WAIT AROUND FOR IT TO COME TO THEM.....2/3 unreal plays have been ruined my a final pass to a forward who waits for the ball, this has to change. 





Finally, its not a huge problem, but ill address it.... That red thing above the players head,,, imagine : CM lobs to a forward, two forwards running onto the ball heading for the box, the forward who is going to get there first doesnt have the red thing, so you simply press L1 and get controll of him, but no such luck....why cant you change player while the ball is moving its a joke, ive gone into setting to see if its my fault but its set up to allow me control, so why cant I change player mid cross or pass?


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