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FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze

by whitefountain

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FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze

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My playstation always freezes when i want to offer on a player. I tried every way to buy a player but when i press to offer to buy a player my playstation freezes. Is there a way to solve this problem?

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze

Community Manager (retired)

We’re aware that some players are encountering game freezes when playing Career Mode in FIFA 14. Below you can find a list of steps we recommend to help fix this issue.

Save Game Suggestions

  • If you can load your save file, try loading it, and then re-saving it in a different save slot with a new name
  • If you’re playing on Xbox, try using cloud storage instead of local storage. Move (not copy) all your career mode saves to the cloud, and then select the cloud as your storage device the next time you load up FIFA 14.

Manager Mode Suggestions

  • If you have sent scouts out, load up a working save and then recall them. Also, go to your Youth Team and release players to keep it at around 7 people.
  • Load up an old save from a previous season (if available), and then sim your matches until the transfer window ends. After deadline day, save the game, quit and then see if the old save file works.
  • If you’re at the squad-size cap of 42, try releasing a few players (youngsters you don’t really care about if possible). Once you’ve cleared some space in your squad, we recommend keeping at least 1 space whenever possible.
In-Game Suggestions
  • If your game keeps freezing on a specific date/match, try to sim past that date.
  • Turn off “Hospitality settings”
    • On Xbox, select “Xbox Live”  (in-game main menu option), select “Xbox Live Settings” and then go to “Hospitality Settings”
    • On PS3 , select “Online Modes” (in-game menu option), select “Online Settings” and then “Hospitality Settings”
Please Note – Don’t delete your personal settings to do this. While this will remove your hospitality settings, it will also delete your Virtual Pro.

Technical Suggestions
  • Reset your modem and router, and clear your system’s cache
    • For Xbox 360 players, please take a look at this article on the Xbox Support Center
    • For PS3 players, please take a look at this article on our Help Center
  • Delete your EA Sports GameFace
  • Check to see if your save file is corrupted
    • For Xbox players, we recommend taking a look at this article on the Microsoft Support Center
    • On PS3, take a look at your FIFA 14 save game files in the Save Data Utility. If any have! As a part of the file name, it has bad data. This file has to be deleted, and your save will be lost.
In order to avoid Career Mode freezing issues, we recommend doing the following to avoid encountering difficulties:
  • Keep multiple game saves, each at different points in the season
  • Don’t try too many transfers at one time



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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze

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I tried all of that but still am having the problem. Every time it accept an offer and exit the inbox, it freezes. I only play manager mode and this is very frustrating for me. The store won't even give me a refund on the game. What should I do?
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze

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This has been happening to me for 2 weeks now (I am in the first season in the Jan Transfer Window).  I have tried everything discussed in the response from EA.


I have recalled all scouts

I have no players in Youth Team

I have released all players I could (there is obviously a cap)


I do not have an old save, but I have tried to completely sim through the Transfer Window but it would always freeze on the same date.  I eventually SIMed up to that date and tried to just SIM the game, and it froze.  So I played the game and it went through but then when I tried to advance the calendar it froze.


During the time when I was releasing players there seemed to be an error on one of my players who was -1999 years old and was an overall -1.  I figured that was causing an issue, so I tried to release that player.  The game froze. 


Then I decided to just start up a new career so I could just SIM to the Jan transfer window (whatever, only lost a few months).  I tried 3 times and every time after I would "sign the contract" the game froze while loading up the season.


I play career mode 75% of the time in FIFA.  The game is useless to me right now.  Please fix this ASAP.  Its been almost a full month since the initial reply to this thread.



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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze

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It's concerning that I have bought this game today and I am getting issues with freezes, too.

Every time I try to play any match on the career mode it does the whole "players warming up" thing and then I just get a blank screen and the background music.

Seriously EA, how can you justify this game costing me £40 if it doesn't work? It's one thing to accidentally put out some bad software, but for people who are buying the game this far after release to get issues...?

Please fix it.
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