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FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

by ash76377

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Mine freezes after a match. Ea can't finish a game. I have had a problem since FIFA 10 there has always been an issue. I think legal action is the best option as ea are selling unfinished products and getting away with. No matter how much support they nothing has worked. I've not played pes in years but I'm thinking its time to convert.

I do believe FIFA would be the best football if it worked. I remember the ps one days when games worked and manufactures would use updates as an excuses to sell unfinished games.

I'd ask this question to ea. would you buy an unfinished house without a roof. I feel this is what I am doing in buying this game. Once again utterly disappointed.
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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This is game now freezes 3-5 times a day. I play cracking matches, win a few important games then it freezes. IT FREEZES. EA, this is unacceptable. What is going on? I tried doing everything you guys stated, still freezes. It should happen in a game with this calibre. Disappointing.

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Hey man, please visit this thread to help out the developers to fix the issue!

It will help create a fix sooner for FIFA!
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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This is so annoying I have just started a new career mode with Manchester city and I am half way through the first transfer window and it keeps freezing at exactly the same point and it is so annoying as a I made some good bargain signings and now I can't play with them anymore please fix it ea
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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I'm encountering the same issue.  My game freezes at the beginning of the exact same match with each attempt.  This happened at the beginning of my career, but I was able to transfer my character off Barcelona before it froze again.  Now, when I face Barcelona on an opposing team, the game freezes each and every time.  Any headway on how to fix this issue?


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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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call me please 9044709566 please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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My PS 3 also start freezing after 2 matches in career mode.. Please FIX this

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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So I made a team formed of all italian youngsters, because I am italian and I really liked the idea, oviously did all this in the online creation center. Then I bought the option that allows me to play career mode with this team, and until here fine.
I was very excited about my team so I started my career with it, playied the first three friendly matches and won then. No problems until here. Also playied the first match of the domestic cup against Cittadella and the first Serie A game.
But when I started the next match against Livorno, I couldn't even kick the ball, the game froze. I switched off my PS3, turned it on again and tried restarting that match. Froze again. The third time I tried simulated the game and it worked, I was abke to go on after winning 3:0. I was also able to play the following match against Torino without any problem. But then, I had a match against Inter, started it and the exact same thing as against Livorno happened. It froze. Now I'm stuck, I don't want to simulate this one too beacause it is an important match, and I don't want to keep on simulating a match every two.
It is so frustrating EA, i spent hours and hours creating my team, I also did the badge all by myself with PS, and when playing I was really enjoying that team and I was extremely satisfied. Please help me, or at least try, answer us EA!
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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They won't cause they've got no answers. This isn't even a game no more. It's work. Problem is they're getting paid when it should be the other way around. EA = fail. They don't care cause they got all the most league licenses.
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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I am notifying my State attorney General's office, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports and writing a letter to the Board of Directors of Electronic Arts (Directors: Coleman, Hoag, Huber, Paul, Probst, Simonson, Ubinas, Warren, and Wilson) to let them know I want them to learn to appreciate their obligations to give in fair exchange a good product for all the millions in Sales they have reaped from us - their long suffering customers. Every fix is futile and they have had half a year with FIFA 14; and that after having failed with multiple iterations of the same problem with previous versions. I am mad as hell and know what to do about it. Class Action Law Suit anyone? If I had a twitter account I would send this viral: time to email EA directly and tell them if they put the "freeze" on us, we'll stop buying their product - and put the freeze on them! How's your stock price now? EA Investor Relations:      where there is also an email for Investor Relations and phone #:  (650) 628-7352  ///  email:  "IR [at]"

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