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FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

by ash76377

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Sometimes when playing career, the FIFA 14 disk would freeze because the laser would usually skip part of the disk when reading it, like all disks would.

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Please can we have the slowest clap ever for ea. blatant disregard for users. people paying for their hard work of rebranding the kits and players. I am in the third season and currently this is happening to me every time. I mean I know Wigan are terrified of me but come on. How can ea justify one response to this. This is a game breaker, and being in the game industry I know a thing or two about it. Soon as Pes gets the licensing ea are screwed
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Same issue. Same thing has been happening since 2012. Whilst I understand nothing is perfect its getting very frustrating that 2 or 3 times a session I have to wait for my PS3 to restore the file system because Fifa has locked me out. It immediately makes me think...I can't really be bothered to play again.


I have the Next Gen version coming my way next week and I hope some of these nigles have been ironed out.

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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I very much doubt anything will have been sorted. We can't even get an answer out of ea. I'm not asking for miracles just that we hear something. The most frustrating part is the silence. An open line of communication is the only way to keep the users happy. Regardless of what the fault is. If we had a rough time line we would be happy. But to say its "ongoing" takes the pi55
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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I bought an used game, and at first I thought there was something wrong with the disc itself, it had some glitches here and there, mainly audio. I have the audio set to Spanish, and from time to time it would glitch out, this high pitch sound would come on the screen and Then everything would work normal. Then it just got worst. the game started to freeze when I paused the game in the middle of a match (im actually writing this as the game is frozen on my TV, everything works fine, except nothing is responding, the screen is moving and everything But the menu doesn't pop up) its frustrating. I tried saving the file under a different name, and it worked.... But Then I paused the game, and here I am now. 

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Same issues here. Whilst in game in career mode the commentary will stop and scores disappear. At the next break in play, free kick, ball goes out of play or if I pause, the game freezes. I was about three months into a season. Deleted all saved data and installed updates. Started again with new career mode. No transfers just skipped straight to first match and encountered the exact same problem.
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Im really annoyed. I have been playing and hooked on career mode past few weeks.

I have got to season 2027/2028 now where all players with faces and known players are retired or retiring so now have to search players properly and scout more etc so more fun and rewarding. I have won the league every season and a cup at least also.


Im on July 2027 and it keeps on freezing.

I have gone on calendar and simmed and it still keeps freezing whilst simming.

I have cleaned disk etc and given playstation rest etc.


Still not working.

I cant be bothered doing this career all over again. I was on 2027!


Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Seriously fifa 14 has made me so angry and the fact that it wont stop freezing now is just making things worst, my game has frozen so much that it now doesnt want to even load up im seriously considering returning the game because in other words EA you're wasting peoples money

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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i brought a brand new ps3 slim 500gb with brand new fifa14. first time ive brought fifa in a few years too and it seemed good and fun. until it started it crashing on career mode. season 2027/28 and career mode getting all good and interesting and this happens. not impressed at all..

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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hi there 


when in play a game in ultimate team the stops half way through and the players start exersizing just randomly this started around a week ago it use to be on the second game but it happens during the first game i play . any fixs?? please

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