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FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

by ash76377

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FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Just got to the Jan transfer window on my 2nd season of Fifa 14, and my game continually freezes so I can no longer play it, which is incredibly frustrating and disapointing because I have made alot of progress on this career DO NOT want to start it again. Games like this should not freeze for no reason.


Any fix EA?

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

Community Manager (retired)

We’re aware that some players are encountering game freezes when playing Career Mode in FIFA 14. Below you can find a list of steps we recommend to help fix this issue.

Save Game Suggestions

  • If you can load your save file, try loading it, and then re-saving it in a different save slot with a new name
  • If you’re playing on Xbox, try using cloud storage instead of local storage. Move (not copy) all your career mode saves to the cloud, and then select the cloud as your storage device the next time you load up FIFA 14.

Manager Mode Suggestions

  • If you have sent scouts out, load up a working save and then recall them. Also, go to your Youth Team and release players to keep it at around 7 people.
  • Load up an old save from a previous season (if available), and then sim your matches until the transfer window ends. After deadline day, save the game, quit and then see if the old save file works.
  • If you’re at the squad-size cap of 42, try releasing a few players (youngsters you don’t really care about if possible). Once you’ve cleared some space in your squad, we recommend keeping at least 1 space whenever possible.
In-Game Suggestions
  • If your game keeps freezing on a specific date/match, try to sim past that date.
  • Turn off “Hospitality settings”
    • On Xbox, select “Xbox Live”  (in-game main menu option), select “Xbox Live Settings” and then go to “Hospitality Settings”
    • On PS3 , select “Online Modes” (in-game menu option), select “Online Settings” and then “Hospitality Settings”
Please Note – Don’t delete your personal settings to do this. While this will remove your hospitality settings, it will also delete your Virtual Pro.

Technical Suggestions
  • Reset your modem and router, and clear your system’s cache
    • For Xbox 360 players, please take a look at this article on the Xbox Support Center
    • For PS3 players, please take a look at this article on our Help Center
  • Delete your EA Sports GameFace
  • Check to see if your save file is corrupted
    • For Xbox players, we recommend taking a look at this article on the Microsoft Support Center
    • On PS3, take a look at your FIFA 14 save game files in the Save Data Utility. If any have! As a part of the file name, it has bad data. This file has to be deleted, and your save will be lost.
In order to avoid Career Mode freezing issues, we recommend doing the following to avoid encountering difficulties:
  • Keep multiple game saves, each at different points in the season
  • Don’t try too many transfers at one time



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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

★★★★ Newbie
Tried all that, still crashes out and is completely unresponsive
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Don't mean to beat a dead horse but I am experiencing the same issue. I bought a brand new copy of FIFA 14 yesterday and I can play every mode except career (manager) mode. I can sim games but when I choose the play match option the game freezes (on a few occasions the music continues to play and cycles through the regular playlist) but it is unresponsive to any commands. On other occasions when I get to Manager mode, the game just freezes after selecting any option. 


I have not yet attempted any of the fixes that you have suggested. I will update after attempting these. However, I must say that I am not very pleased with the release of FIFA 14. From the multitude of bugs and issues like this makes me regret forking out the money to pay for a broken product. I am not bashing EA, I am just voicing my disappointment in a product that has been consistent for me over the past few years.  


Please remain diligent in finding solutions to these problems. Good luck 

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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same thing is happening to me but it freezes after i finish a match and it dosen't save the match it's really frustrating 

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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I have now had Fifa 14 for over 24 hours and I still have not kicked a ball.


This is unacceptable, I have purchased every version of Fifa since 2003 and have never experienced anything like this.


I buy these game to play career mode,  and I have not yet managed to start a game, I have tried everything you have suggested and nothing works.


Is there a patch coming to fix this madness or do I need to start asking for my money back???

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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What EA said appears to be a load of rubbish. I've tried everything and nothing works. I bought this game for three reasons, Ulimate team, online seasons and career mode, i am seriously considering returning this game as it does not work properly and frankly i think i is ridiculous that EA could overlook such a colossal failure in their games.

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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If this is happening across all platforms might it suggest that this is just a scam to get people to give up trying and play FUT instead creating more revenue for EA? If not resolve the issue properly.

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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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.. I have this issue too. I seem to have found out what triggers it (though of course not "why"). It happens when being active on the transfer market and receiving the "verification mail", finalizing any given transfer to your team.

I had played with "individual squads" and without transfers during the first summer transfer-window.

So EA, any idea yet?
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Re: FIFA 14 Career Mode freeze PS3

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Complete joke I lost my career financial take over due to game crashing contacted ea still no reply my issue is when I pause the game it becomes unresponsive
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