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EA Deleted my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

I was sent an e-mail by EA telling me that my Ultimate Team had been deleted for violating terms. I am infuriated at the fact this has happened. I had just started to get a feel for the game, I had built my ultimate team to a pretty strong squad which cost quite a lot of in game coins. I will admit I took the cheap way of doing it by spending quite a lot of real cash on Microsoft currency (or Microsoft points) to open packs. Anyway I don't understand why this has happened and I am extremely upset by this. After all there is no rule against buying packs, in fact EA are always advertising with special packs and team of the weeks etc. I have no idea what the cause could be for this, I don't know if someone could have reported me falsely because I may have beaten them in a game, I have no idea but I want an answer because I'm not standing for all of my time wasted over 100 games played, each game lasting 12 minutes so 1200 minutes spent playing games winning coins... Gone, and to make it worse all of my hard earned REAL LIFE CASH... GONE! 

I demand answers!

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Re: EA Deleted my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Please send a mail to, follow the following guide and include as much information as possible and is relevant to your case and they will review your case:

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Re: EA Deleted my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

same here , 


and i have contacted them , and responde , in m case i have buy 2000K usd worth of fifa points and now they take it all ?


u cannot ask why , they are not provideing us with answers , and even if you have done something wrong you must know what was that , and prove of doing it .


yes i have receive some coins from freinds , but i never pay any single $ to any for coins , its a joke if i lost my team then i wan my mony back , 

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Re: EA Deleted my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Same thing happened to me turned on my xbox and ultimate team gone. EVERYTHING GONE. A team worth over 500,000 coins and over 350,000 in coins gone along with my W/D/L record. This is outrageous. I demand an amswer. I have sent the email as per EA's help protocal but I'm still waiting. I want a phone number to call so I can speak to a real person and get some answers. I am shocked and appalled at the level of customer service EA has.