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Dynamic camera

by vv1c3

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Dynamic camera

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I've been playing the Fifa 14 demo on PS3, and something immediately called my attention, in what I could call a "this has to be a mistake" moment...


The Dynamic camera seems to have been zoomed out quite a bit this year, making it in fact very similar to the Tele Broadcast camera. As someone who's almost exclusively used the Dynamic camera for the last years, this is somewhat of a "tragedy" for me, and a potential deal breaker. Even at custom zoom 20, there isn't a single angle on this demo that brings the camera even close to where I like it to be, much closer to the action. (which to me not only looks better graphically but above all benefits the kind of short passing game that I prefer)


Assuming that this was not a mistake, and that EA had a specific intention in reworking the Dynamic camera, I would like to propose two solutions that would solve this problem for the final game:


1. (the preferred solution) Include the old Dynamic camera as an extra option (something like Dynamic v1 and Dynamic v2, for example)


2. Dramatically increase the amount of zoom you can add (through custom settings) to the existing camera(s).


Please let me know if any of these solutions can be implemented for the final game.


Best regards,

Vasco Castro

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Re: Dynamic camera

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Hey, I have the same problem as you and i hope its and in-game glitch. I really love the camera height 20 and zoom to 0 and it doesnt seem to look like it at all in the fifa 14 demo. Like you said it looks alot like the Tele Broadcast camera. I hope this gets fix before the game releases.



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Re: Dynamic camera

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Same problem I and my other frenz are facing who loved to play in dynamic camera in fifa 12,fifa 13


In fifa 14 demo it is weird. I hope this gets fixed else I will not buy.

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Re: Dynamic camera

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+1 for bringing the old dynamic camera back. this is a deal-breaker.

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Re: Dynamic camera

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Please please do something about the dynamic camera its real bad. 
Its not dynamic,cant see more details of players pitch ect.. because camera is too far away. 
Even if you zoom all the way there is no difference,must be a bug. 

Please please please give us the dynamic camera of fifa 13,thats how dynamic camera should be. 

Dynamic camera needs big fix. 

you should test all camera option first before giving the demo. 

Again we want dynamic camera of fifa 13,and not what is right now in fifa 14 demo. 

Worst dynamic camera ever. 

The rest of the demo is awesome,good job  




greagen Kerriage or Afkraker

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Re: Dynamic camera

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easy, no dynamic buy  Standard smile

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Re: Dynamic camera

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I can´t believe, 8 days no answer from EA,  what happen with dinamic camera in the final release??

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Re: Dynamic camera

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I have no idea but the one in the fifa 14 demo is terrible.

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Re: Dynamic camera

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Hi guys there is another complaints page running about this issue. Unfortunately it's not a mistake and EA have done this to show off the new amazing crowd (that looks no diffent on current gen) in my opinion if they don't make a patch with the old dynamic camera back the game is unplayable, it feels Arcady on tele broadcast and there is no point making it look beautiful because its all a blur! Gutted really hope they sort it for the PS4 release!
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Re: Dynamic camera

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Backwards step. I really dont give a hoot about the crowd but changing the dynamic camera to this abomination is a real slap in the face.
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Accepted Solution

Community Manager

The FIFA development team is aware of the requests to adjust Dynamic Camera in FIFA 14 and are working towards a solution to have it reflect the same functionality as FIFA 13.


Thanks for your continuous feedback. No timeline yet but please stay tuned as we'll update as soon as we have details on if and when.


Note: I have temporarily marked this post as solution to increase its visibility - as stated the game studio is looking into an actual solution for this.


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