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game face

by djinn72

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game face

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just got the fifa 13 but i cant seam to get my game face on my virtual pro i used it on fifa 11 and when i got fifa 12 it automaticly used it.

does fifa 13 support game face?

if so how do i get it?

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game face fifa13

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hello just wondering can i put my game face on to the early release fifa13 from the season pass because if so it not letting me it keep saying i dont have one need to create one but i do thanks i look forward to your reply

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Re: game face fifa13

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I am having the same problem! Hoping to get an answer soon
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Game Face

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Can I still upload my game face to the game and play as myself?

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Re: Game Face

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Yes you can.
On the main menu select the following:
-Online Mode
- Pro Seasons
In this section you will be able to create a player, under appearance there will be an option to download game face


-Career Mode
- Player Mode ( Not Manager mode)
When prompted to use existing player or create pro, select create Pro/Player
Under appearance while creating player you will see download game face.

All this assuming you have created a game face with ea sports online on a computer.

Hop this helped
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So I created my gameface, now how do i get it downloaded into FIFA 13?





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Re: Gameface

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When you start a career mode as a player you'll get the option to download it.

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Does Gameface exist in create a player? I've had it since 11 and now i can't find it anywhere in my game


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Re: Gameface

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I cannot find how to get my gameface which is saved online into my Fifa 13 Xbox360 either?!?!


How do we do it and can he then be used in a team in career mode?


Thank you...

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Re: Gameface

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So we cannot use it if we choose manager career mode???????

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Accepted Solution

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Yes Fifa 13 does support game face try going online and redoing your game face then going on the game and trying again


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