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Registered: ‎10-11-2012

Your account has been banned . Please contact EA customer support

After buying FIFA 13 FIFA Point
Auction and after the Gold Pack Ultimate team went several
Off FIFA 13 players who want to buy an accident and suddenly
Restart FIFA13 and signing EA but,
Not login to EA all multi-system (Ultimate team, etc.) I can not even an embarrassing message
'Your account has been banned Please contact EA customer support.

Photo is attached
Ultimate game today did not say a single bout
I hit nothing wrong and there is no fraud is not
Just differently than usual, and the player auction was just

Representatives from something that seems to be a misconception that I would like.
Not really how it's unfair to be.
Game bought for $ 40 or do not do anything wrong.
Now do not that make sense?

This stop the think that you'll need to loosen the
I'll be happy to ask that released us so badly ban
I'm not really done anything wrong.
I'll ask. We will earnestly.

Separately today I almost certainly have called the
Buy FIFA Point and Ultimate Team card auctions only.