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Why can't I sign in to EA Sports Football ?

by BabeNewell

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Why can't I sign in to EA Sports Football ?

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Yep... I can sign in to,, and obviously can post on forums. 
But when I use the same Origin account and password on, the page simply refreshes and it's impossible to login. 

I really wanted to use the FIFA 13 web apps, does anyone know a solution?

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Re: Why can't I sign in to EA Sports Football ?

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Hi, i had the same problem. What you need to is call EA as your account has a lock on it. Meaning that it is temporarily banned for any rule/guide lines you have broken. If they think you might do this again, they will monitor you very closely. Then after 3 weeks, they will email you weather they will un ban you or not.


Hope this helped you Standard smile 

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