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Various concerns with FIFA 13 (bugs and otherwise w/ XBOX)

by bavariamotorist

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Various concerns with FIFA 13 (bugs and otherwise w/ XBOX)

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Over all, I enjoy FIFA 13, but there are some glaring issues that are putting a large dent in that pleasure.




- For XBOX 360, can't load a new career with customized squads. Freezes on the loading screen.


- In manager mode, clicking on "season stats" will work, but backing out of it and clicking it a couple of times will seem to freeze that menu. The game doesn't completely crash because the music is playing and you can still access XBOX console, but the controls in the game completely stop working and game must be restarted.

- In international fixtures, commentary often doesn't start until an important event happens.





I enjoy the new defensive system more than the old one, but it has problems. For one, defenders are able to push and shove and foul way too much when an attacker has beaten them or run past them. In one instance, I sent a through ball to the striker and he was clear on goal ahead of all the defenders, and before he could even touch the ball, the defender had shoved and pushed him so much that he stumbled and fell, and of course the foul (no card) was called at the point he started pushing, not near the goal, so it was pretty much a waste.


Even though a foul was called, that's a serious advantage for defending teams, and there are PLENTY of times a defender will push me off the ball before I have even touched it and no foul is called.


SECONDLY, players are extremely undetermined to go for any stray passes or loose balls. If I make a pass from player A to player B and it gets deflected or is inaccurate, ONLY player B will go after it. Players C and D will not even move. This is really annoying when there is a loose ball that can easily be won but instead results in the opposition getting a counter attack.


This also happens when one player makes a tackle, and the ball comes loose, he will be the ONLY player on the defending team to go after the ball. All the other players just stand around. Pretty annoying.


Other than that, I enjoy the first touch system and revised gameplay.



Cheers. Let me know if you notice these things as wel.






This just happened again in a weird way. After the game ended and the scores for other games was shown, I was not brought back to my manager's home page. Just stuck there. But the scores were still announced and the game seemed to be working. I signed in and out (did NOT restart console) and I have the usual message (A gamer profile sign-in has changed blah blah blah... press A to continue). But I can't press A. Just like in the manager mode, none of the controller buttons work except the one that takes me to Xbox live console. Turning controll off and on does not work.


Weird issue but very annoying.



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Re: Various concerns with FIFA 13 (bugs and otherwise w/ XBOX)

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A new issue...


Started my 2nd season with Liverpool and the loanee - Nuri Sahin has not yet been given back to Madrid. Likewise, Andy Carroll is still at West Ham. I already played one game in the preseason. What gives? Anybody else see this?



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Re: Various concerns with FIFA 13 (bugs and otherwise w/ XBOX)

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Hi yes, having all these issues as well... annoying stuff...

What bothers me is that loanee don't return to their original club, and loaned out players dont come back initiallly after the end of the season.
Im at my 7th game of the 2nd season and i still have loanee and loaned out players at other clubs not come back/in. 
Only the ones that come back are the ones that i MANUALLY put on loan and they've came back at the end of the season, but not the ones that are loaned out already on default when i started the career... Problem here.

Commentary doesn't start sometimes unless I had a go at the goal by shooting.

Slightly disconserning with player changes when attacking especially after a shot is rebounded and it won't change player even if you do so manually and players near the ball won't even attempt to get the ball and have a go... weird.


A few issues there.... Disappointed

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Re: Various concerns with FIFA 13 (bugs and otherwise w/ XBOX)

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When ever i go on to seasons as soon as i press play my xbox freezes i tried 6 times yesterday and the same thing happens every time what the **bleep** is going on ??? Seasons is the majority of what i play !


Any ideas ?????

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Re: Various concerns with FIFA 13 (bugs and otherwise w/ XBox and PLAYSTATION VERSION TOO

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where do i start...first i agree with bavariamotorist. defenders not only push you when you have the ball but also without it. EA has to remember that this is FUTBOL NOT FOOTBALL...if the reason the AI system is set up to not call that many fouls because it will ruin the game guess again this will show dirty players to play by the rules of FIFA so play clean or you will be presented with a CARD. overmore small playes like TEVEZ,MESSI,AGUERO,WALCOTT AND ALL THE SHORT PLAYERS AND TEAMS OUT THERE. does not mean they are weak. i hate when some 3rd country team with tall players man handels my players who ever they may be just cuz they are short. small players are quick and strong too. i have also noticed players ramming into others and no fouls being called.. if the ball is in the aire or in the floor and your player has the ball why is it that when the opponent runs straight into you knocks you to the ground and the Ref says not one dame thing.. really what is that??? EA you need to stop hiring people that look at the game or those who played it in junior-high school and get people who know the game well there is rules and the game can still be great if you raise the bar just a bit higher. There is so many things that can be said about the AI and the game itself its not funny. I still feel creatively oppressed by the limited amount of moves i can make in this game but the defendar only needs to ram me too get the ball.

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