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Using a Created Team in career

by RoyMee

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Using a Created Team in career

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Hallo, I've recently created my own soccer team (me and friends) in the web app for Fifa 13. When I finished it, it said I could use it in exhibition matches (worked like a charm) andin career. But when I start a career and get the option to swap teams (wanting to include my own team) I can't find the Creation Centre list, that's usually between Brazil and Denmark.

What's going on?

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Re: Using a Created Team in career

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Hi, You can only use a created team or a created / downloaded league if you buy the pack. To buy the pack you have to go to: My FIFA 13 -> FIFA 13 Store and than select the Career Mode Pack. You can use a credit card or a Playstation Network card. When it finished, you can install and use the pack. I hope to help you!! 

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Re: Using a Created Team in career

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I have all the packs, but my team doesn't appear in the list when I want to play a career. It does apear in the exibition match, do I have to add it to a competiotion first or something?

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Re: Using a Created Team in career

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A friend of mine did win that pack, do you know how you can win it?

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